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City Building Games on PC: Our Top 5 List of the Best Titles

Building and developing something is a lot of fun. But even in this case, it usually takes a few rough edges and unforeseen events to keep the experience exciting. But it depends on what kind of gaming experience you're after...

City building games can be very diverse and have individual features that don’t suit every gamer. We picked our favorites and made a Top 5 list of the Best City Building Games on PC for you.

You might wonder which City Building Games on PC are particularly trendy right now because more and more of them are joining the ranks. This list of selected titles might come in handy.


5. Tropico 6

This building simulation transports you to the colonial era. As governor, your goal is to become “El Presidente” of an ever-evolving island empire. Although the game awaits you with enough complexity in terms of city building, it also features a significant amount of comedy, which is typical for the Tropico series. In this game, you have to do everything to stay in power. Even if you have to bribe officials or use military means to achieve this. Are you ready for not quite clean business?

The cover of the city-building game Tropico 6 can be seen. At the top of the cover we see the title of the game in white capital letters and slightly curved, and below it, the protagonist of the game "El Presidente" is shown in a typical uniform and glasses in the semi-close-up. He smiles at us with his arms crossed. At the bottom of the image, possible building scenarios in the game are schematically depicted. In the background, there is a purple-pink sky and on the left in the distance, an erupting volcano can be seen.
Tropico 6 (Source: Limbic Entertainment. Kalypso Media)

Tropico 6 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC and is available for PC via this link.


4. Surviving Mars

In this title, besides building a city, it’s also primarily about naked survival, because the building simulation doesn’t take place on Earth but on our neighbor Mars. In addition to the development and expansion of the colony and the food supply, it is especially important to continuously provide enough oxygen for the citizens and to protect them from natural disasters like cold waves or storms. Exploration of the planet and research also play a large role in the title, since they allow significant improvements to your colony.

The picture shows a clip from the game Surviving Mars. In the long shot, you can see several colonies on the planet Mars, which are enclosed under huge oxygen-giving domes. Between the colonies run various pipelines and a wide stretching green landscape with green fir trees is shown. An orange dusty mountain range can be recognized in the background.
Surviving Mars (Source: Haemimont Games, Paradox Interactive)

Surviving Mars is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux and is available for PC via this link.


3. Townscaper

If you are looking for new kinds of city building games on PC, you might want to take a closer look at this title: There is no real gameplay in this game. Instead, you can go ham with your creativity and build picturesque island cities. Block by block, you can expand your dream city in all imaginable shapes and colors. A lovingly and warmly designed city-building game for PC, which has rightly taken its position in our list due to its innovative design.

Games like Townscaper are very good city-building games for the PC, as seen in this image: In the long shot, we look at a huge, colorful island city consisting of numerous small houses with different colored facades and orange roofs in daylight. Around the island is a calm turquoise sea. At the top left of the picture, several seagulls circle above the island. On the right, the island becomes higher and a kind of castle with a white facade clearly stands out. The scene looks very stylized and colorful. Cities like this can be easily built in this game.
Townscaper (Source: Oskar Stålberg, Raw Fury)

Townscaper is available on PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch and is available for PC via this link.


2. Anno 1800

In Anno 1800 from Ubisoft, you build a city at the beginning of the industrial age. You start small and settle a piece of land by building a trading port to attract workers and farmers. The focus of this city builder is on industry and expanding production: Supply chains must be built and maintained and as much income as possible must be developed through trade. From a small settlement, a profitable industrial city develops more and more, which looks especially graphically beautiful. Wars are also fought here, that mostly focus on naval fights. Anno 1800 is the latest title in the Anno series and the most mature in our opinion. If you prefer to build in Anno style in a different era, such as the age of colonization, you should check out Anno 1404.

The cover of Anno 1800 is shown, on which next to the title of the game at the top of the picture a huge city at the beginning of the industrial age can be seen. In the lower half of the image, the blue sea is depicted and we see several large ships docked at the pier at the harbor. In the distance, we can see peaked mountains to the left and right. This game is certainly one of the best city building games on PC.
Anno 1800 (Source: Blue Byte, Ubisoft)

Anno 1800 can be purchased for PC via this link.


1. Cities: Skylines

This city builder has great depth and richness of detail that puts most other games in the genre to shame. Cities: Skylines is all about creating a breathtaking and fully functional urban metropolis where life blooms. Roads must be built, businesses founded, taxes managed, and much more. The roots of Sim City are clear but developed further in a very clear direction. Those who like a high level of micromanagement will definitely have found a very suitable city building game with this title. On top of that, the game has a lot of remarkable mods available, with which the game experience can be extended at will.

Here we can see the cover image of the Cities Skylines game, which is considered to be one of the best city building games on PC. In this image, the logo and title of the game "Cities Skylines" are shown in blue and in capital letters. Behind it, we can see a huge modern metropolis and several glass skyscrapers. On the left and right, two yellow construction cranes rise into the sky. At the top right, an airplane is flying in the sky. In the foreground of the picture, we see a railroad track running from the front left of the picture in an arc to the right out of the picture, and below it a traffic circle with green areas where trees are planted.
Cities Skylines (Source: Colossal Order, Paradox Interactive)

The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC
and can be purchased for PC at this link.


Are you looking for other genres than city building games on PC?

We hope that this list might have supported you in the search for your next favorite city builder. We wish you a lot of fun! Feel free to also check out our lists for the best free RPG games, the best free FPS games, and games like It Takes Two.

Did we miss any great city building games that belong on this list? Feel free to drop a comment below.


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