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    We’re always looking for people to include into our team.
    If you have any skills and want to help us out with them, step right up and contact us. Your message should include:

    Why and what section you would want to be part of, in the team. (Streamer, Moderator, Writer, etc.)

    Twitch Username

    Email/Skype/Form of Contact

    How long have you been a YourGamesTV viewer?

    List any thing you have done for YourGamesTV so far

    Do you have any past, or current experience in what you’re offering?

    Describe yourself (name, age, location, values, traits, strengths, weaknesses, etc.)

    Any additional comments/questions, regarding this matter?

    Send this completed form to us via our Mail form with the heading of the position you want.

    Please make sure that you do not post your application here, as it will be removed.

    And as always, see you when you’re older, don’t go changing.

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