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    LifeMod Explanation and Server Introduction Video

    No Clientmods are required to play!

    LifeMod adds multiple new features to the basic Minecraft Survival, such as machines, licenses and even new resources (e.g. Cocaine)!

    Thirst on YourGames.TV Minecraft Server
    After a while you become thirsty. Drink from a waterbottle to become hydrated.

    Ultra Hardcore Survival Bandages in Life Mod
    You do not regenerate health automatically. Use paper (aka bandages), crafted with 3 sugar canes, to regenerate health!

    In Life Mod you can eat Vitamins to gain buffs
    Eat healthy food raises your vitamin levels. You get buffs like regeneration or night vision if you eat enough!

    Stay warm in the night and in snowy regions, and stay cool in deserts! Hypothermia or excessive heat can get you killed. Type /temp to get your current temperature.

    There are currently 4 machines: Custom Crafter, Generator, Electric Furnace and Farming Machine.

    Custom Crafter
    Place an Iron Block ontop of a Dispenser (hold sneak to place it there). Then you can use it to craft the following recipes:

    This is your power source. Connect it to machines with Redstone Blocks and ignite it with something. Then it produces Sticks with a multiplier, which it will pass to the machines connected.

    Electric Furnace
    Electric Furnace
    Cook your stuff. Place an object in the top slot and leave the bottom one empty – as it gets automatically filled with Sticks as fuel from the generator.

    Farming Machine
    Farming Machine
    Place crops around it to automatically harvest them when they’re fully grown. Make sure all are watered.

    You can connect machines with redstone blocks.

    Buy Licenses with /license to get more drops for certain blocks!

    Special Resources
    Salt: You can mine salt with the right license and an iron shovel at /warp salt
    Cocaine: You can harvest cocaine with the right license at /warp cocaine, but watch out for the authorities!
    Hops: Harvest Hops at /warp hops to brew beer!

    Upcoming Features
    More machines!
    Cities! Found your own city, become a mayor and develop your small town to a huge metropole

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