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Free Horror Games: Multiplayer and Solo Jump Scares at Its Best

Trick or treat! We also have something for you - a special kind of eye candy that will make your hair stand on end.

Halloween is almost here, and we want to take the opportunity to provide you with some inspiration for free horror games: These are our five favorite titles for Multiplayer and Solo fun.

What do you do when you’re alone at home in the dark, and you get spooked? Add another layer of spookiness and fight fire with fire! Our top 5 on free horror games will help you do that. Halloween 2022 can come!


5. No More Room in Hell

This multiplayer game was released in 2011, fittingly on Halloween. The aging title, which is still supported by the developers and gets new updates now and then, has a lot of entertainment potential and offers endless fun with its co-op mode for up to eight players. In this zombie game, you’ll have to fight, shoot, and even saw (if you can find the chainsaw) your way through hordes of undead together with your teammates. A special thrill is when your ammo slowly runs out as the zombies threaten to encircle you. Despite the slightly outdated graphics, it still holds many scary moments and a lot of fun for you.

You can see a screenshot from No More Room in Hell, a free horror game where you kill zombies with axes, for example, as shown here.
No More Room in Hell (Source: Lever Games/No More Room in Hell Team)

The game is available on Linux, Mac, and PC and can be downloaded on Steam via this link.


4. Dead By Daylight Mobile

The popular multiplayer console game Dead By Daylight takes the hide-and-seek gameplay of childhood to a horror level. Here you are either the killer, or you have to hide from him. Work cooperatively with your friends to escape the horror together. Now you can even play it on your smartphone. Dead By Daylight Mobile is a free horror game for Android users and even features famous killers like Michael Myers and Ghostface that you know from slasher movies.

Multiplayer horror games like Dead by Daylight Mobile are very entertaining and exciting. Here we see a cover of the game with characters and a killer in the background. A highly recommended free horror game.
Dead by Daylight Mobile (Source: Behaviour Interactive)

The title can be played on Android, and you can get it via this link.


3. Deceit

Fans of horror games who love Among Us or Trouble in Terrorist Town will have a great time with multiplayer horror games like Deceit. In this FPS game, you wake up in a warehouse with your friends and have to fight for your freedom. Unfortunately, two of the six survivors are infected with a virus, and no one knows who it is…. except the infected themselves, but obviously, they have to keep it a secret. While the survivors try to escape together, the infected must try to prevent it. A race against time and pure suspense.

Try to escape from the madness together with your friends in Deceit, one of the best free horror games. In this screenshot we can see a dark level of the game.
Deceit (Source: World Makers, Automaton)

The game is available on Linux and PC, and you can get it on Steam via this link.


2. Cry of Fear

This game is a total conversion of the FPS game Half-Life 1, which means that the developers didn’t use assets of the original game or any third-party files. Cry of Fear has an extremely creepy and deep but also lovingly designed single-player campaign in store for you. The free horror game from 2013 still cuts a very good visual figure and is an absolute must for every horror fan and our insider tip! But that’s not all: Team up with three friends and play the campaign as a foursome in co-op – chronologically backward!

This screenshot shows a chainsaw killer running towards the protagonist in the middle of a dark forest. Multiplayer horror games like Cry of Fear are a must play.
Cry of Fear (Source: Team Psykskallar)

This game is available on PC and can be downloaded on Steam via this link.


1. Dead Frontier 2

More and more horror games are coming onto the market, and it’s getting harder and harder to find the really good ones among them. But this title will especially convince you! Multiplayer horror games such as Dead Frontier 2 have an unexpectedly dark and oppressive atmosphere and are also extremely demanding. Since in this game you’ll often run out of ammunition, you’ll have to learn to use it sparingly to avoid ending up as zombie fodder along with yours. Guaranteed to be one of the best free horror games and the perfect game for Halloween!

In this screenshot, we see a character in the third person with a flashlight in a narrow, dark hallway. Multiplayer horror games like Dead Frontier make are extremely entertaining for horror fans.
Dead Frontier 2 (Source: Creaky Corpse Limited)

This game is available on PC, and you can get it on Steam via this link.


If you search for more than single or multiplayer horror games

Did you find something for yourself? We have one additional recommendation for you: The P.T. video game, which was a single-player teaser for a canceled Silent Hill, and one of the scariest games we’ve played so far.

If you prefer other, less scary genres, then our list of the best free FPS games maybe better suits your taste, or have a look at our lists of the best Survival Games on PS4 / PS5, the best free RPG games, Souls like games, or the best RTS games.

What makes a horror game particularly scary for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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