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When Does GTA 6 Come Out, Did The Map Leak and Which Characters will be Playable? (Update)

As always, Rockstar has remained silent so far. But more and more credible information is leaking out, which seems to have some substance.

The world is keenly following the development of GTA 6 and eagerly awaiting new announcements from Rockstar regarding Grand Theft Auto. But really: When does GTA 6 come out?

There is a good reason for everyone being impatient. GTA V was released already on November 18, 2014, for the Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and on April 14, 2015, for the PC. On the very first day, the game set a new record with sales breaching $800 million. It is now considered the most financially successful video game with a humongous gaming community. To this day, the ongoing GTA V development was pretty stable and new content has been made available constantly. But despite all the popularity, slowly but surely, everyone is asking the same question: Isn’t the time finally ready for the new part? When does GTA 6 come out?

Update, September 22nd

In the meantime, the developers of the game have taken all leaked material off the net and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of the footage. This has now led to a counter-movement, with numerous GTA fans internationally joining forces and using programs like Google Earth or MS Paint to try and map Vice City from GTA 6 as accurately as possible. The result was posted on Kotaku:


The gigantic GTA 6 leak last Monday got the gaming community excited. Despite the fact that the videos were from a very early stage of the game’s development, many comments criticizing the graphics hit the Internet. In the end, the claim circulated that the finished version of GTA 6 would not feature any major graphical leaps. This claim has now been put to rest.

Developers release unfinished game footage as a sign of

To counter the sharp criticism, numerous developers are now backing up Rockstar Games and publish unfinished game footage themselves as a sign of solidarity. On Twitter, the developers of successful titles like Destiny, Sea of Thieves, or Detroit: Become Human posted unfinished states of their games too.


Update, September 19th

Overnight, a real surprise happened, which should also be a nightmare for Rockstar: A series of videos suddenly appeared on the web, showing developer footage of GTA VI. Screenshots and more detailed information about the story also leaked out.

Most of the videos that are circulating all over social media have already been taken down by Rockstar. Almost 100 clips went public, showing shootouts, driving scenes, conversations, and bank robberies. Some clips are apparently from 2019/2020 according to the dates and suggest that the material shown corresponds to a very early development stage and can thus only be compared to the current build to a limited extent.
Nevertheless, what we see here already makes a very decent impression.

It seems quite obvious that Jason Schreier is right and the new part is based on the “Bonnie and Clyde” approach. GTA VI will thus actually revolve around two young main characters: A Latino woman named Lucia and a man named Jason. Also, the leaked material reveals that the new game will most likely actually be set in Vice City.


Many videos of the leaked footage have been uploaded to YouTube since. But obviously, Take 2 Interactive is going against them. If you’re still curious, you can search for  “GTA 6 leak” on YT and if you’re lucky find a recent upload that’s still available.

What game content is confirmed from the leaked footage of GTA 6? Here is an overview:

  • There are at least two protagonists playable, a Latina woman named Lucia and a man named Jason
  • The two protagonists work together (it seems like they are a young couple)
  • Based on Bonnie & Clyde you can even rob a diner in GTA 6
  • GTA 6 will apparently be set in Vice City (Miami, Florida)
  • Weapons can be dropped or picked up
  • Hovercrafts can be used


Of course, these leaked clips and information should still be taken with a grain of salt. However, it is unlikely that this is a prank since the footage shown makes a very complex and also plausible impression in its form, which seems to coincide with the prominent rumors.

Jason Schreier is convinced that the leaks are real, but early GTA VI footage: The investigative journalist Tom Henderson stated in a tweet that he believes Rockstar will release the game at the end of 2024 at the earliest. Basically, they don’t have any time pressure, because the current GTA V is still selling very well, not least via GTA Online.

Original Article September 16

More and more rumors are already circulating on the Internet, which probably have some true bits and pieces. According to the Reddit user GTA_VI_Leak, GTA 6 will pick up existing elements and concepts from GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.


Did the GTA 6 Map Leak? Short answer: Not yet. But …

What does the GTA 6 map look like and when does GTA 6 come out? On this picture, we can see a part of GTA Vice City. The GTA 6 map (leak?) should be based on this area.
GTA Vice City (Source: Rockstar Games)

According to a report by Jason Schreier, one of the best-known journalists in gaming with a respectable reputation, the new GTA 6 Map will be set in a fictional Miami and will resemble Vice-City, which is already known from the GTA series. The journalist drew his information from anonymous developers who either left Rockstar’s studio recently or are still working there. Besides numerous other leaks about GTA 6, which of course include a lot of silly stuff, there is also information that seems plausible. For example, another thesis is circulating that GTA 6 will include large parts of land in South America. Schreier suspects that Rockstar will limit the GTA 6 Map to Vice City for the time being, in order to avoid a high workload for the employees and give more time to add new content over the years.


Which Characters Are Playable?

A cover from GTA V shows a policewoman just arresting a suspicious woman and handcuffing her in front of a car. The arrested woman looks at us insidiously. According to Reddit user GTA_VI_Leak, we could also take on the role of a female police officer in GTA V.
A Policewoman in GTA V (Source: Rockstar Games)

According to Reddit user GTA_VI_Leak, three protagonists named Kacey, Ricardo and Rose will be playable. As Kacey, we slip into the role of a little crook. Ricardo is supposed to be a drug smuggler and Rose is a policewoman. First time, that a woman is playable in the series. During the story, it should be again possible to switch between the three main characters and according to the Redditor, they will also work together. All characters have a life bar that is influenced by components such as stress, hunger, and temperature. A game mechanic that actually reminds us of Red Dead Redemption 2. In GTA 6, health can also be promoted through relaxation, eating, or sleeping, for example. The info is also backed up by the statement of Jason Schreiber, who thinks that the gameplay of GTA 6 should be different from its predecessor. Also, according to Reddit, the behavior of the player should have a much stronger influence on the reaction of the NPCs. So it can already come to a wanted level by the authorities if you jump towards a policeman, which would speak for an even higher degree of realism and increased AI capabilities of the game. Jason Schreier opposes the GTA 6 characters’ description of GTA_VI_Leak with the thesis that there will be a female Latin American as the protagonist and a male as another (who it is was not described in detail). According to Schreier, Rockstar was inspired by the criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde for the main characters.


When Does GTA 6 Come Out?

The date for a release is not known yet, but we’ll keep you posted. According to Schreier’s sources, he assumes that GTA 6 will probably be in development for at least another two years. Nevertheless due to the fact that the delay is also related to an increasingly complicated development. According to him, however, the situation inside the developer studio has improved in the meantime, which certainly favors future work on GTA 6. Even though these leaks seem quite plausible and the sources seem fairly trustworthy, it must be emphasized at this point that all this information is unofficial and therefore should always be taken with a grain of salt.

The clues are piling up and more and more credible information is leaking out. So it remains exciting what will exactly happen with the successor. How do you see the development of the new title? Do you think the information is plausible? Feel free to comment below.


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