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Pizza Tower: Game Release, 6 Tips & Tricks

Kids of the 90s (and everyone else) take note: A freshly released indie game has been causing quite a stir lately. The title makes use of the strengths of a very popular Nintendo series.

SpongeBob: Cosmic Shake’s Release Date Is Tomorrow

Bikini Bottom needs to be saved once again. This time you'll dress up in many crazy costumes and travel to seven dream worlds of your favorite sponge and his companion Patrick.

Best Roguelike Games for PC & Other Platforms to Beat

Games where you can't save and your death means a game restart are extremely popular among many players. Nowadays, there are many titles like this and it's hard to keep track of them. We would like to help you with a ranking of the best games in this genre.

Best Platformer Games: 5 Titles About Finding Ground Again

Even though all jump 'n' run games are predominantly titles where you have to overcome obstacles, the presentation and gameplay style is very varied and ultimately account for the long-term motivation. A look at our list grants an overview of particularly good titles.

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