11 Fortnite Tips on How to Get Better Including Best Settings

In this Battle Royale it's not only colorful, but also very stormy and chaotic. In order not to faint, but to succeed in the game, you need a smart approach. We have collected some tips on how to get more victories.

Switch 2 With a New Chip From NVIDIA? Nintendo Rumors Gathered (Update #1)

Many rumors about the new Nintendo console are circulating on the Internet, but now one fact seems confirmed: The successor is supposed to be equipped with a better chip from NVIDIA, which will provide a big performance improvement.

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator – 11 Tips for Your Potions & Map

In this potion simulation game, you can finally release your inner alchemist and lose yourself in brewing numerous potions. Take your time and increase your reputation among your clientele with valuable tips on the art of brewing with our guide.

Scary Co-op Horror Games to Play With Friends

Today's interactive horror experiences can be too emotionally taxing for many people. The thrill of playing may be great, but so is the fear. This ranking of great and scary co-op titles is an excellent choice if you want to get scared.

Lost Ark Guide: Stronghold, Rapport, Island & Leveling Tips

Enter the huge open world of one of the best free MMORPGs in 2022. A title that won't let you go as an RPG enthusiast due to its depth and coherence. In this article, you'll get an overview and helpful details about the isles, the fortress feature, and more.

Best Metroidvania Games: Five Intense Sidescrollers to Beat

Games like Metroid or Castlevania have already become a genre of their own, which has brought numerous popular titles into existence. Our Top 5 ranking reveals which of them are particularly well done and in your favor.

Best Fighting Games for PC: Find Your Next Finishing Move

The quality of a good punching title lies in its depth and complexity. It must offer the player endless fun through numerous movement combinations and the visual presentation must be right. This article reveals which games have paid special attention to this.

Dwarf Fortress Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginner’s (Steam-Release)

The dwarf building simulation that shaped an entire genre and made popular building games like Minecraft and RimWorld possible is now available as a rewritten Steam Edition. Immerse yourself in a masterpiece where the concepts of mining, crafting, and farming were first born, and provide yourself with helpful information to get started.

Best Roguelike Games for PC & Other Platforms to Beat

Games where you can't save and your death means a game restart are extremely popular among many players. Nowadays, there are many titles like this and it's hard to keep track of them. We would like to help you with a ranking of the best games in this genre.

Hell Let Loose Tips: How to Master the Gameplay & New Update

The hardcore WWII shooter can be a real challenge for many players. To make the next mission a success, we have compiled an overview of the game with helpful tricks as well as information about the new major game patch.

Goose Goose Duck Game: A GGD Guide With Tips & Tricks

In the new popular Among Us clone, you'll either be a hunter or prey. This very strategic Co-op title requires some orientation and practice at the beginning. With this manual, you'll surely warm up to the game quickly.

Best Sandbox Games to Unleash Your Creativity

Play remarkable games in which you can create almost everything yourself at no cost! If you are a friend of creativity and freedom in games, feel free to take a look at this article.

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