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Big Ambitions: 15 Helpful Tips & Tricks to Get in the Fast Lane

From rags to riches. Big Ambitions is all about getting your business to the next level. And that's a whole lot of fun!

The new title Big Ambitions wants to revolutionize the simulation and management genre and receives excellent reviews on Steam. Our brief guide with tips and tricks will show you how to get the best start in the game and what you should especially pay attention to.


Big Ambitions allows you to build a startup in New York City and turn it into a thriving empire. You control your character in the top view through the city, which visually feels a bit like the first Grand Theft Auto titles. The game just went into Early Access on March 10, 2023.


Getting started in Big Ambitions

You’ll start with a small apartment with one bedroom and a kitchen with a refrigerator. As in real life, you must provide enough food and drink and buy groceries. But money is tight. But with the right attitude and know-how, this situation will change very soon. Thanks to jobs, advancement, etc.

This business world is multi-layered and complex. So, of course, guidelines can help you to make the right decisions. Fortunately, the developers from Hovgaard Games accommodate you and offer a tutorial at the beginning of the game that explains the basics of this title. However, we have put together some tips that point out later subtleties to help you along the way.


15 helpful Big Ambitions tips and tricks you should know

Running a business means understanding and keeping track of many different tasks. To help you get into the game more relaxed, we made this short guide with 15 tips to make life a little easier.


1. Get more display cases

Buy three display cases instead of one early to sell cheap gifts, expensive gifts, and cheap flowers. By doing so, you can maximize your profits and earn up to $2,400 a day by the end of the first week.


2. Storage unit

Make sure to purchase a storage unit and put it in the back of the store. It ensures that your employees can restock the display cases on their own. This saves you a lot of hustle and increases efficiency.


3. Train your employees

Train your first employee for several days before putting them in the store to increase efficiency and productivity. This may initially cost you a little more time, but it will be worth it financially.


4. Take a break

Give yourself some time, and take a day off every week to restock and track your daily sales. Incrementally increase the cost of your products to determine which price point generates the most profit.

With the right tips and tricks, you will be successful in Big Ambitions. Here we see a red car at a road intersection.
Big Ambitions screenshot (Source: Hovgaard Games)


5. Don’t forget to clean

No one likes a dirty store. Clean your store and purchase any necessary supplies. It’s best to do this after hours and make sure to clean up to 100%. It won’t take very long, and you’ll still get enough sleep. Also, you have time in the morning for more essential things.


6. Get a truck

In your initial car, space is limited. You should buy a truck as soon as possible to take care of your goods more efficiently. Because it can carry 20 boxes, your refills will be much less stressful and completed faster.


7. Store design

Don’t save on the wrong end and run an unattractive store. With beautiful walls, floors, and especially music, you will make your customers much happier, increasing their satisfaction and your rating.


8. Part-time employment

Split your first employee’s shifts and have them work six days a week only for a few hours. For example, this could be from morning to early afternoon. It gives you the flexibility to run all the errands in the morning and then cover the rest of the shift. This will significantly increase your profits in the early stages.


9. Buy cheaper

Use the cheaper wholesale store that is farther south to reduce your costs. The distance is a bit longer, but the price difference and the fact that this is a drive-thru saves you a lot of money and time.

The in-game map shows the different filter options for the building categories in our Big Ambitions guide.
Big Ambitions map filters (Source: Hovgaard Games)


10. Understand the supply chain

You will deal with various household goods stores and suppliers during your job. Talk to them so they will deliver to your businesses and drive for you. You can access their phone number in the future by talking to them. The goods will then be delivered to the front door of your respective stores.


11. Taxes

As soon as you earn above average, you will receive a tax bill every 60 days (equivalent to one year in the game), which you must pay within 20 days. If you don’t pay it on time, the tax office will start collecting things until you have followed up on demand.


12. Buy a building

Select the appropriate building and click the “send building purchase offer” button. Now make an offer for the property. You will see all the buildings that are for sale on the “Real Estate tab.” These have better prices so that you can negotiate even better. Try to negotiate as skillfully as possible. After all, this is not a charity.


13. Hostile takeovers

Like in real life, you can use hostile takeovers in Big Ambitions. In Bizman, select the company that has harmed you and deliver it a “Business Overtake Offer.” Certain moguls consider a big payout appropriate and are ready to give you everything. After accepting the offer, everything is yours.


14. Increase your rental income

In Bizman, click on your building and then “Real Estate Settings.” Then look for the “Rent Management” section, which will show you the previous rent. Then, depending on your financial situation, decide whether to ask for more or less rent.


15. Stay in a good mood

In Big Ambitions, it is crucial to keep a good mood. You can go to the casino, watch TV, play video games, sleep on a park bench, or rest on a boat. For each, you’ll get a perk for a specific duration. So you also should keep doing something that makes you happy in the game.

In the top view, we see a turquoise canteen, in front of which many people stand.
Screenshot from Big Ambitions (Source: Hovgaard Games)


Big Ambitions is, without a doubt, a great title that finally breathes some fresh air into the genre. If you don’t own the game yet and now you want to, you can find it on Steam.


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What would your dream empire look like in this game? What are your biggest ambitions? Let us know in the comments below.

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