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RDNA 3 Launch Date of the RX-7000 Announced by AMD

AMD announces the official launch for the Radeon RX 7000 series. The new RDNA-3 cards are supposed to be twice as performant as their predecessors and hit markets later this year.

GeForce RTX 40 Series with Top Model RTX 4090 Officially Announced

NVIDIA's RTX 40 series is ready for launch: The new flagship, the RTX 4090, will be available already in October. The new graphic cards are equipped with new, innovative technology and are supposed to be 2-4x faster than their predecessors.

Sony introduces the Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition and Xperia Stream

Sony has revealed its newest Gadget: The Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition to compete in the handheld gaming sector. With strong hardware specifications and neat multifunctionality an interesting device.

Almost $6000 spent by seven year old on iTunes

Nearly $6000 turned into Dino Bucks on iTunes When Mohamed Shugaa checked his account balance after his credit card was rejected, he surely was surprised about the big...

Is My PC Good Enough For That Game?

Is my PC good enough for that game? Can my computer run it? These are the questions that pop up whenever I am considering a new game. As someone...

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