Century Age of Ashes – Season 2 Ignites Epic New Dragon Battles

The multiplayer dragon shooter from Playwing LTD is back with a new season. Fresh game content makes for even more impressive battles in the sky.

Falling Frontier: Sci-Fi RTS Sparks Excitement for Release Date

Stutter Fox Studios is pursuing big galactic plans with its new RTS space simulation. Now another trailer is causing a stir, which at the same time leaves questions unanswered.

The Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition Will Scare You to the Core

Konami and the Bloober Team are working hard on the renewed Silent Hill title. The polished version shouldn't be far off and provides an even creepier atmosphere.

Big Ambitions: 15 Helpful Tips & Tricks to Get in the Fast Lane

The new business simulation from Hovgaard Games is already very successful as an Early Access title on Steam. Our guide offers you a wonderful orientation in the title.

Enrich WorldBox With the Best Mods & Optimal Traits

The popular sandbox sim by Maxim Karpenko is an absolute Steam favorite right now. The reason for this is the recently released major update. The game offers a lot of expansion possibilities via modifications.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Dropped Before the Release Date (Update #2)

The new edition of RE4 will be launched as early as next month. Before the release, the developers increase the hype with exclusive gameplay reveals.

Last Epoch: All You Need About Classes, Builds & Multiplayer

The title from Eleventh Hour Games proves that ARPGs are still hot right now. Since patch 0.9, the number of players has exploded and the question of the optimal character constellation is all the more fun.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Release Date, Classes, Races & Companions

The popular adventure RPG from Larian Studios is preparing for full release. Early Access already offers a lot of compelling game content. Get to know it better and dive into the new 3D world of BG.

Suicide Squad’s Kill the Justice League Release Date Changed (Again)

Make injustice happen very soon again in the new title from Rocksteady Studios and defeat the heroes of the DC universe. Now the developers surprise us with new exclusive material.

League of Legends Universe Expands: The Mageseeker

The fact that roguelikes are in vogue right now is proven not least by Riot Games with its new spin-off title set in the world of League of Legends.

Anno 1800: 75% Discount on Steam & Don’t Miss These Mods

Ubisoft's latest City Builder can be purchased for a mega-low price on Valve's platform. We'll show you why you shouldn't refuse this deal and how to improve the game.

Starfield’s Release Date Is Finally Set: Welcome Aboard, Captain

Bethesda's next big IP will come in 2023. We can provide you with more information about the massive space RPG, and you can be sure to get even more exciting news about it in the very near future.

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