Warzone 2: Release Date in November 2022 and Giant Map (Update)

The sequel to the popular battle royale shooter is about to be released. You can expect a completely revamped gameplay experience and numerous new features, including a different geographical battlefield.

Sony Patent: Blockchain & NFTs for Playstation Games Possible

Will digital goods soon be traded on consoles? Recently, a patent has been making the rounds that makes such scenarios imaginable for the Xbox competitor.

Best PS5 Co-op Games: Our True Favorites on Playstation 5

Go on your adventure, but it's best to take a few friends with you. Because it never hurts to have someone looking out for you, and together everything becomes even more lively and engaging. Find out which games are particularly good to play with others.

Kynseed: Fable Developers Reveal Release Date of Sandbox RPG

Grow up, raise your family and build a dreamlike idyll. In this 2D pixel-art sandbox game, many adventures await you, but also dangers that you'll have to face to protect your loved ones.

LLL Game: New MMORPG Sci-Fi Shooter Introduced by NCSoft

The developers at NCsoft are currently working on a new shooter set in a fictional, futuristic Seoul in the 23rd century. The studio has released a lot of information about the game, including exciting in-game footage and interviews with the developers.

Fortnite Chapter 4: What to Expect in the New Season

Everything has an end, but Chapter 3 an unexpectedly quick one. Epic Games today announced what fans have been wondering: When the current season will end and the new chapter will be released. In any case, the time for it is now almost here.

Xbox Cloud Gaming With Fortnite and More Great Games

Play more than 300 game titles anywhere, anytime. And it doesn't even matter if you have the latest hardware because, with Microsoft's service, you can enjoy the many benefits and flexibility of streaming.

Kratos Skin for Minecraft: Be the God of War in the Sandbox Game

Many skins have already been released for Mojang Studios' voxel-based sandbox game. But as of today, a very special hero skin from Norse mythology is causing quite a stir. Grab your axe and shout out your battle cry.

Horizon MMORPG: Is a New Co-op or Multiplayer Title Coming?

Since 2017, we have been on the hunt in the stunning action RPG series from Guerilla Games. But maybe we will soon no longer be hunting alone but in a large squad? The latest reliable rumors give a good reason for this assumption.

Best Open World Games on PC: These Five Titles Are a Must-Have

Vast stretches of land, huge cities combined with a compelling story, and many side missions. That's what games can offer nowadays, better and better. Get an overview and find out which games of this genre are especially trendy right now.

EVE: Uprising Is the New Expansion for EVE Online and Out Now

Fight again for your favorite empire in the popular spaceship MMOPRG from CCP Games. Today the new addon to the game has been released, which offers numerous new features, and improvements.

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising Continues the Karate Saga Once Again

The Karate Kid saga goes into the second round. The sequel to the popular beat'em-up adventure is available today for all next-gen consoles and PC. Get out your karate belt, and may the best win.

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