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LifeMod, SpaceGames, MineRush, DirectHit & More – A Minecraft Server Trailer

Variety awaits, boredom negates...

Enjoy LifeMod And Many Other Custom Made Games On Our All New Minecraft Server – Watch The Video.

IP: play.yourgames.tv (offline, might get back somewhen)



svdragster and our whole team were working pretty hard the last couple of weeks, to take our server to the next level. If you search for unique Gamemodes and you’re tired that every server has the same, you’re at the right address. No matter what you play, or if you win or lose, you will gain Balls. This is our server’s currency which you can use in our in-game shop, buy kits for PvP, Licenses in LifeMod, and more. Our server economy is constantly growing, so keep an eye out for what you can use it for.

Have a lag free experience with a nice, cool and friendly community on our top Minecraft server.


So let’s start with the Gamemodes:

The focus of our server lies on LifeMod. You could compare it with Tekkit (custom machines etc.), SimCity/The Sims (buy Licenses/get a Job, farm special resources, found and govern villages – soon implemented), and DayZ (Thirst, being temperature sensitive, bandage yourself when you’re injured, break bones and cure them, …). We like to call it “Ultra Hardcore Survival” from time to time. Just check out the video below, to have a visual impression of LifeMod and all other server mechanics. And check out this Post for the current status and all updates on LifeMod.

Besides LifeMod we got SpaceGames. It’s a bit like HungerGames – but in space. You can fly around with your Jetpack, use your laser cannons, use a lightsaber, and much more. As the map is pretty huge, we have a GPS implemented with which you can track down your opponents. In case you can’t defeat everybody until the timer runs out, the game ends in a deathmatch.

Another fun game mode is MineRush. There you start in a room full of different blocks. You don’t have any gear, so be quick to craft yourself what you need. The goal is to reach Level 50. You can achieve this either by mining Glowstone or by killing other players. As your room is surrounded by massive Obsidian walls, you need to find Diamonds first to craft a Diamond Pickaxe. Don’t let the stress bring you down – you can be the winner and faster than everybody else!


For all pure PvP fans, we have DirectHit. So far, eight arenas await you and your deadly skills. You can either go for Training with your friends, or for Ranked Matches. Our ranking is based on an ELO system. DirectHit searches for other players according to your standing – so you will most likely fight people close to your skill level and points. Leaderboards coming soon.

Next to LifeMod and all custom-made Games, we have a Plotworld waiting for you. On our server, you can use WorldEdit for your buildings – so even the most experienced builders can use their full potential and creativity. In case you should be interested in joining our team as a Builder, there is a locked world with huge plots as well. Should you be able to convince us of your skills in the normal map, you can show what you got there. Go big or go home. 🙂

For all enthusiasts of fast-paced jump and run fun – check out our Parkour world. Over 120 Levels with difficulties from easy to insane await you and you rocket fast reactions. A timer system with leaderboards is upcoming – so the competition is on soon. Make sure to train a bit before we get that running.

LifeMod is like a mixture of Tekkit or Feed The Beast, DayZ and SimCity or The Sims


For cool benefits, visually and for your game experience, visit our Minecraft Donation Shop. Maybe you find something you like there and the best part is, you would donate to a good cause. As I’m currently paying for all game servers etc. out of my own pocket, you make sure that I can keep that up. Right now we have a 30% September Sale running for you guys as well, so feel free to use the opportunity.

Furthermore, don’t forget to vote for our server – you find the links on the bottom of our Donation Shop. Each vote gives you 500 Balls in-game and you can vote every 24 hours. Furthermore, you can invite your friends to the server and gain Balls as well – just try the ‘/invite‘ command in-game. Last but not least everybody gets already rewarded with Balls for logging into the server.

Server-IP: play.yourgames.tv (offline, might get back somewhen)


See you in-game, my friends!


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