Best PS4 & PS5 Games in 2023: Top 12 New & Upcoming Titles

Are you an explorer, fighter, team player, or wizard? It doesn't matter! Because in 2023, everyone gets their money's worth with absolutely fantastic games in every genre. Our list provides proof.

State of Star Citizen: News on 3.19, Roadmap & 3.20+ Outlook

Cloud Imperium Games' endless project has been in development for a long time, but this month players are cheering thanks to a major patch released and a celebrated test event that will start in the next few days.

Best PC Games 2023: Top 7 New & Upcoming Titles

It's going to rain a lot of hot titles this year, that's for sure. This ranking will tell you which ones you can look forward to in particular!

Nintendo Switch Games: Best New & Upcoming Titles in 2023

This year we can again expect top-notch titles on Nintendo's console. And a true masterpiece is just around the corner. Find the best upcoming games for Nintendo for '23 now.

Mortal Kombat 12: Exciting News on MK12 Release & Characters

NetherRealm Studios would like to thank its fans and, in doing so gives a very suspicious hint about the possible imminent presentation of its latest installment of the Fighting series.

Core Keeper Gets New Boost: The Epic Paws & Claws Update

A massive update for Pugstorm's 2D sandbox game will be released next week. And the companions are only a part of numerous highly desired innovations.

Diablo 4 News Update: Class Trailers, New Beta & Endgame

Blizzard invites you to test its hack 'n' slash game one last time before release and reveals dozens of new details about it including endgame content.

Armored Core 6 – Exciting News About Release Date & Gameplay

Fans of the Mech series eagerly await the release of the sixth installment by FromSoftware. The rumor mill is bubbling because a publication date seemingly has been set.

Dying Light 2 Update: After Killer ‘Gut Feeling’ Soon Follows DLC 2

How does Techlands' second installment continue in the year 2023? Get an overview of the popular zombie shooter's new content and prepare for exciting innovations this year.

Vampire Survivors Evolution Improves With New Powerful DLC

Poncle has given their bullet hell game a new DLC, which makes even more weapon combinations possible. Everything you need to know about the vampire Steam hit.

Remnant 2 Promises to Be the Dream of Every RPG Fan

The revelations around the new third-person survival shooter from Gunfire Games continue. This time, the developers introduce the new Handler archetype. Find out what makes the successor so special.

XDefiant: All About the Release Date & Gameplay of the CoD Rival

A new free-to-play game is making its way into the hearts of gamers and wants to outrun top games like Call of Duty Warzone 2—a general overview of the promising arena shooter.

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