Cast of The Witcher Season 3: What Actors to Expect Again

Netflix recently officially announced that the new Season of the TV show The Witcher will continue in the summer of 2023. What about the cast of the new season? Who will stay as a character?

Super Mario Movie: Trailer for the Film Available in October 2022

Super Mario goes again into battle against Bowser, but this time in a new feature film. The Trailer will be available on October 6th and the movie will be released in spring 2023.

RTX Remix: NVIDIA’s New AI Game Remaster Tool does Automatic Overhaul of Classic Games

Games will be much easier to polish graphically in the future: NVIDIA will soon release a new tool that can be used to give virtually any game modern graphics. And it's even free of charge!

Playstation VR 2 Preview (PSVR 2): Extensive Improvements Are Coming (Update)

The PSVR 2 sets the course for an even more immersive VR experience and comes with new useful and important features.

Zilliqa Gaming Console: Web 3.0 for Crypto Enthusiasts

So far, Play to Earn has been a niche market. That might now change with the new upcoming console from Blockchain Zilliqa. Deep integration of Crypto and high-quality titles are planned for the system.

When Does GTA 6 Come Out, Did The Map Leak and Which Characters will be Playable? (Update)

Everyone wants to know: When does GTA 6 come out, what does the map look like and which characters will be playable? We gathered some of the available rumors for you.

Xbox Handheld Announced: Logitech G Cloud with Game Pass

Microsoft and Logitech have officially announced their new handheld. The device is supposed to be available already in October 2022 and will primarily pick up Cloud Gaming Players.

Switch 2 with a New Chip from NVIDIA? Nintendo Rumors gathered.

Many rumors about the new Nintendo console are circulating on the Internet, but now one fact seems confirmed: The successor is supposed to be equipped with a better chip from NVIDIA, which will provide a big performance improvement.

RDNA 3 Launch Date of the RX-7000 Announced by AMD

AMD announces the official launch for the Radeon RX 7000 series. The new RDNA-3 cards are supposed to be twice as performant as their predecessors and hit markets later this year.

GeForce RTX 40 Series with Top Model RTX 4090 Officially Announced

NVIDIA's RTX 40 series is ready for launch: The new flagship, the RTX 4090, will be available already in October. The new graphic cards are equipped with new, innovative technology and are supposed to be 2-4x faster than their predecessors.

Best Free RPG Games: A Top 10 List

The range of free RPG games is exploding. It's time to find out which are the 10 Best Free RPG Games currently available. Our list gives you an insight.

Diablo 4 Beta: Blizzard Officially Announces Closed Test for Late 2022

Blizzard announces test run for the closed beta of Diablo 4. The end game of the game is to be tested by selected players.

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