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Best PC Games 2023: Top 7 New & Upcoming Titles

It's going to rain a lot of hot titles this year, that's for sure. This ranking will tell you which ones you can look forward to in particular!

Free Horror Games: Multiplayer and Solo Jump Scares at Its Best

Without a contrast, you don't appreciate the beautiful life enough. But with these free horror titles we've selected. Whether it's multiplayer, single player or co-op mode, we've got you covered.

P.T. Video Game: Download a Free Remake of the Horror Jewel for PC, Mac and Linux

It was one of the scariest gaming experiences we had at the time. The game teaser for an unfortunately cancelled Silent Hill game has been the buzz ever since. Playable via the PlayStation today only with many circumstances, there are some free options for non-console players.

World Update 11: Detailed Canada in Microsoft Flight Simulator 

After Italy and the USA, Canada now follows. The popular flight simulation from Microsoft gets its 11th update. This time the second largest country in the world gets a fresh look.

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