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Tyrael Ranked HOTS Gameplay

He rose majestically.

Tyrael Heroes of the Storm HOTS

Tyrael Heroes of the Storm Ranked Gameplay

He has intervened for the sake of humankind time and again, for he sees the potential for heroism and selflessness in each of us. He has even acted against the mandates of his fellow Council members to fight on our behalf. For that alone I always have and always will believe in him.
Deckard Cain

Tyrael is an initiator that is best used in a dual-warrior composition. His ultimate ability, Judgment, allows the player to dive over an enemy team’s front line to tackle the squishy, ranged heroes for quick takedowns. This strategic move quickly destroys the enemy team’s composition.

YourGTV streamer, Ray, plays Tyrael in this match on Cursed Hollow. This five stack pre-made team features fellow streamer DatSarrow & crew to blow off some steam in this quick and fun match.


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