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Code Geass #1 – MY TOP 5 ANIME

This one is very special to me.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion – My #1 Anime

This is number one. The reasons I give Code Geass my top pick are only just a small portion of what the anime actually means to me, more than the show writers even intended. This is the first anime I ever watched. Going into it, I didn’t have high expectations as the old me belittled anime for being only for children – how I was wrong.

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion
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  • Characters:

The main character of Code Geass, Lelouch, is not your average anime teenager. I felt like I could relate to him fully except you know, the powers, the hair, the eyes. You know what I mean – I felt as if I could sense what he was feeling and could understand and predict his exact reactions to every situation.

  • Story:

I, as well as many others, think that the story in Code Geass cannot be any more perfect. It is an interesting take on the British Empire in Japan. Here, it’s normal for the Brits to live in Japan and the Japanese are considered outcasts – this is the basis of the story. The story focuses on the journey Lelouch takes trying to make life better for the natives, despite being a part of the upper class.
He is given powers by a strange woman named Geass. Geass allows him to persuade anyone once by keeping eye contact with them.

I felt like the episodes in Code Geass were perfectly filled with action, emotion, and drama to keep me coming back for more — like a crazed drug addict wanting anything for one shot of heroin, even if it means sucking a big d- *cough* *cough* moving on.

Each episode is a puzzle waiting to be solved as we, the audience, want to know what Lelouch and the other characters are thinking. The most clever and sad scene has to be awarded to the ending as it truly does touch your heart. I am also not afraid to say that the ending made me cry a little. Okay fine, I cried endlessly.

This is the best story I have ever experienced in an anime, but it is also one of the best stories I have experienced throughout all mediums. That is something I don’t really say often having studied media as a teenager and watching a metric shit tonne of movies and TV shows. What really captivated me was the morals behind it, what we do for the people we love the most.

Should I watch it in Dubbed or Subbed?

I think you should definitely watch Code Geass subbed as the emotions are very precise with the Japanese actors. Despite this, the dubbed isn’t too bad.

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Honourable mentions:

  •  Psycho-pass, Tokyo Ghoul – These guys just missed the number 5 spot.


Please do bear in mind that I new to anime so I have not seen a lot of them. If your favourite is not on the list or you disagree with this list, then put your own opinions/ recommendations in the comment section, as well as my blog post here. I would love to watch what you guys like to watch!

Also, thank you so much for reading my Top 5 list of anime, it really means a lot to me that people out there are enjoying what I am writing about and genuinely would use my list as reason to go and experience these anime for themselves.

And as always, I’ll see you when you’re older,
Don’t. Go. Changing.

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