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Zilliqa Gaming Console: Web 3.0 for Crypto Enthusiasts

The new games console from Zilliqa is made for crypto fans and supposed to bring Play to Earn to a new level.

Earn money while playing games. The controversial Play to Earn model could now become much more attractive, with the new Web 3.0 based Zilliqa Gaming Console.

The blockchain company Zilliqa wants to unite gaming and blockchain with a console and at the same time appeal to a broad audience of crypto enthusiasts. The company has officially announced the launch of its Web 3.0 based console. Not only gaming and streaming but also earning money: That will be possible via Zillqa’s new console.


The Zilliqa Gaming Console will be released in 2023

Access to the Gaming Hub for beta testing will still start in October. However, it will take a while before the Zilliqa Gaming Console is available for purchase. According to Valentin Cobelea, Head of Gaming Technology at Zilliqa, a release in the second quarter of 2023 is targeted. Pre-orders should be possible as early as in the first quarter of 2023. It remains to be seen what price will be.


Performance of the Web 3.0 console

The picture shows another perspective view of the Web 3.0-based Zilliqa Gaming Console, which should be especially interesting for crypto fans. In a slight top view, we look at the metallic case and see the top, front as well as the right side of the console, which sits on the same light-colored wooden table. The right side of the console shows the red grille of the fan.
Front view of the Zilliqa Gaming Console (Source: Zilliqa)

The console should have quite a bit of power, as it is supposed to be equipped with an Intel i9 processor and an NVIDIA 1650 graphics card. A resolution of 1440p and a frame rate of 60FPS is supposed to be possible. While this means it can’t keep up with flagships like the Xbox Series X or Playstation 5, it certainly exceeds the requirements of current blockchain titles.



Play to Earn for the next generation

So far, the quality of blockchain games has left a lot to be desired. The existing titles lacked appeal and mostly ended up on the sidelines as mobile games. This is now to change with the new Zilliqa Game Console. According to the manufacturer, it will be possible to play first-party titles on it. The tokens earned can be converted directly into fiat (normal currency) with the help of the integrated Web 3.0 wallet. Initially, two in-house titles are to be released for the console. But according to Valentin Cobelea, there were many discussions already about the “potential” to include more blockchain titles to drive growth in this market.

Zilliqa's Web 3.0 Gaming Console is shown in a close-up in this image. We are looking at the back of the console with numerous connection options, such as a LAN port or several USB ports. The console lies on a white wooden table and is illuminated by daylight so that no shadows are visible in the picture.
The backside of Zilliqa’s Web 3.0 Gaming Console (Source: Zilliqa)


Playing high-quality titles and making money in the process. That should certainly interest crypto fans. In any case, the console seems to be the answer to today’s needs and has the potential to appeal to a broad player base.

What do you think about the announced console and a future with the Play to Earn model? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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