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Will The Crew Motorfest Take Down FH5? – 6 Things Give Rise to It

If you've ever wanted to pay a visit to Honolulu, Hawaii - soon you will be able to do so. And not only on four wheels.

Is The Crew Motorfest a Forza clone? Granted, this game from Ubisoft, at least visually, has much in common with Horizon 5. But it also outshines The Crew 2 with significantly enhanced graphics and meticulous attention to detail. Let’s look at six things where Motorfest leaves Forza Horizon 5 to the dust.


On September 14, Ubisoft drops The Crew Motorfest, marking the third installment in the Open World racing series. However, supposedly drawing some inspiration from Forza Horizon 5, it also packs additional features that make the title stand out.


Six things in which The Crew Motorfest surpasses Forza Horizon 5

With Motorfest, Ubisoft sends “The Crew 3” into the race, which takes a decent leap forward with beautiful natural elements like sunlight, raindrops, mud, and much more. Could this be a genuine contender in the making? Let’s get into it.


#6 The Map

Let’s be honest—we had high hopes for this map, especially after experiencing the vastness of the USA in The Crew 2’s, which was just mind-blowing. Having the entire country in a racing game set The Crew apart and made it so damn special. This time it’s not that big. But even with that slight disappointment, we must admit the map still beats Forza Horizon 5’s by a long shot. Would you like to know the actual size of the different maps? We have hidden this info as an easter egg in the video above!

Motorfest and Horizon 5 are carved from similar wood, and their vibes are strikingly close, right down to the landscape.

We look at a map showing the huge Hawaiian island of O'ahu, which you can explore in The Crew Motorfest.
The Hawaiian island of O’ahu in The Crew Motorfest (Source: Ivory Tower/Ubisoft Entertainment)


Hands down, The Crew 2 still holds the crown for the best, most extensive map. Still, with the scaled-down version of the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu in Motorfest, it’s like they took every significant aspect of Horizon 5’s map and amplified it to a whole new level. Motorfest’s open world is pretty impressive.


#5 Planes & Boats

The Crew games are no typical car games—they’re a different breed, a thrilling vehicle spectacle! Like in Horizon 5, you will have over 600 vehicles, but the variety does not stop at off-road vehicles, sports cars, and trucks.

Just imagine this—you are cruising in a car one moment, and the next, you’re tearing up the asphalt on a Ducati Panigale, pulling off wild moves, and popping wheelies like a pro! But wait, it doesn’t end there! If you must soar high, you can transform into a freakin’ plane and take it to the skies! Sure, the plane physics might feel a bit off, but hey, they’ve got planes here. Eat this Horizon!

And when the sailor yarn grabs you, no worries, just hit a single button, and boom, you’re a captain on a boat, racing through the waves like a boss! And what’s cool is that you can import your beloved car collection and prestige items from The Crew 2 into Motorfest.


#4 Crossplay and Cross-platform in The Crew Motorfest

It’s true; Forza Horizon is an absolute racing giant and unsurpassed in realism and car customization. But the fact remains that, so far, you can only play this beast on PC and Xbox. The Crew Motorfest fills this gap coming for PlayStation 4 and 5, and what’s even better is that this new Crew title supports crossplay and cross-platform, meaning you can enjoy it with your friends, whether on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC.


#3 The Color

Forza Horizon 5’s graphics look damn realistic, but that also means we’re dealing with rather raw and flat colors. There’s a reason why movie blockbusters come with high-contrast top-notch color grading. To make things more exciting. Ubisoft’s new racing game also goes in that direction, serving you big bright, saturated colors that make your races visually a truly impressive Motorfest (pun intended).

Experience rich colors in The Crew Motorfest from the release date. We see a blue car on a road under a bright blue sky.
The Crew Motorfest features exciting, rich colors (Source: Ivory Tower/Ubisoft Entertainment)


#2 Starter Cars

Hold on; these aren’t your typical old-school starter cars like a Peugeot 206 or Fiat Punto from the classic Need for Speed days. No, these starter cars make you question their “starter” status, but in the best way possible.

Modern games often lack compelling cars at the beginning, but Motorfest hits the bullseye with the available gems (if you’re curious; also included as an easter egg in the video above). They may be powerful, but they still serve their purpose—to ignite that racing fire within you and push you towards more excellent rides. It’s all about that motivation to strive for the best!

And trust us; they leave the cars you find in Forza Horizon 5 in the dust, no comparison! Motorfest knows how to elevate the racing experience to a new level right from the beginning. The choices here are absolutely thrilling. Do you want to know what pretty starter cars are waiting for you in The Crew Motorfest?


#1 NOS (Nitrous oxide)

Truthfully, Motorfest doesn’t want to be a serious racing simulation like Forza Horizon 5 but instead focuses on diversity, exploration, and much fun. This direction paves the way for a trendy feature many would like to see in Forza Horizon 5: The Nitrous Speed Boost or short “NOS.” This acceleration mechanic adds even more spice and excitement to your head-to-head races and also comes in handy when exploring the vast Hawaiian open world.

A yellow car is shown on the right in the foreground in front of a field. In the background, we see green mountains.
The fields and mountains of The Crew Motorfest are strongly reminiscent of Forza Horizon 5 (Source: Ivory Tower/Ubisoft Entertainment)

That’s it – six things from The Crew Motorfest that will put Horizon 5 in the shade. But in the end, it’s up to you to decide whether you want more variety and freedom or, instead, go for more realism. But it’s a win-win for PS5 owners in any case. We can’t wait to go full throttle on September 14.


Ubisoft lets you get the game for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. You can purchase The Crew Motorfest in three Editions.

  • Standard Edition
  • Gold Edition
  • Ultimate Edition

The Gold and Ultimate Edition grants you Three-day-Early Access. Find more details about the different editions on the Ubisoft store.


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Can The Crew Motorfest hold a candle to Forza Horizon 5? Which starter car would you go for and why?

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