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Lies of P Guide for Beginners: 8 Powerful Tips & Tricks You NEED

Come and hop in the box, liar... But better arm yourself in advance with essential tips and combat strategies.

Are you ready to venture into the dark, creepy streets? With our Lies of P Guide for Beginners, you’ll get all the necessary tips and tricks to master the challenges and nasty boss fights ahead. And trust us: The game does not spare them!


Ready up for some heated, fast-paced fights. You can leave the caffeine because the adrenaline rush is already guaranteed. But before you throw yourself into all the merciless fights, you can equip yourself in advance with our crucial Lies of P tricks and tips.


Eight essential Lies of P tips and tricks to dominate

Getting started in this soulslike will certainly not be easy. Often, you will bite the dust. But following our Lies of P guide for beginners, the tide will quickly turn. Here are eight tips and tricks to help you get the upper hand in the fight against nasty robots.


8. Best starting class

The first decision you make in the game, and the very first action, is choosing your Combat Style. You’ll have three options: Balance, Dexterity, and Strength.

If your preference leans toward wielding conventional swords or sizable weapons, the Balance path suits you. Opt for the Dexterity path if you like daggers, spears, or elegant rapiers. Lastly, go for Strength if you prefer to deal with massive weapons such as hammers or saws.

Are you new to Souls-like games? Then, we recommend starting with the Balance path and mastering regular swords to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. Once you feel confident, you can venture into the practice area to discover the Combat Style that aligns best with your preferences.

In our Lies of P guide for beginners, we also cover the right choice of combat style. We see the menu with the three paths.
Choose your combat style in Lies of P (Source: Round8 Studio/Neowiz)


7. Enter your battles fully charged

Before you start fighting, you should be fully charged in two ways: first, you should always recharge your health with the help of the ‘Pulse Cells,’ which are basically your ‘Estus Flask’ in this world. And secondly, make sure that you always have your weapon durability fully restored by the appropriate button on your system. And no, you don’t need a blacksmith to do this. It is a must-have, especially before challenging boss fights.


6. Blocking pays off in Lies of P

In this game, blocking and dodging are two primary methods to avoid damage. When you opt for blocking, you’ll still take some damage, but it’s significantly reduced, with some chip damage to contend with. On the other hand, dodging grants complete immunity from damage, but it’s less effective, as specific attacks can still connect, and the distance covered is limited.

Moreover, dodging consumes stamina, whereas blocking is a more rewarding strategy thanks to the guard recovery system, where you can regain health lost to chip damage by counterattacking promptly. Increasing your Vitality improves this healing effect, making blocking a superior choice, especially for newcomers looking to grasp the game’s mechanics and enemy patterns.

Learn how to block in our Lies of P Guide for Beginners. Pinocchio is holding his sword in front of his face during combat.
Blocking is highly advisable in Lies of P (Source: Round8 Studio/Neowiz)


5. Benefit from Backstabs & Stagger system (groggy state)

They are a hallmark of Souls-like games; that’s why Lies of P has implemented them as well: You can inflict significant harm upon foes who merely expose their backs to you without stealth; a brisk approach suffices. Be careful, though, as this tactic often lures you into a trap, with additional adversaries lurking nearby, ready to pounce.

Another powerful combat mechanic is the Stagger system, a concept borrowed from Sekiro but gaining traction in Souls-like games. As you engage foes, you accumulate stagger, eventually manifesting as a white flashing bar above their health gauge. This signals the opportune moment to unleash a charged heavy attack. Successful execution is marked by a distinctive visual cue – a vivid red display resembling three claw marks. This indicates the area you need to hit for a critical strike.


4. Fable Arts & Special Attacks

Fable Arts are unique weapon-specific abilities. Take, for instance, our Puppet’s Saber Blade and Puppet’s Saber Handle. Each component of this weapon boasts a distinct special attack. For the Saber Blade, it’s the ‘Storm Slash,’ executed by pressing the appropriate button, consuming your entire Fable bar, which rapidly regenerates in this training area. This unleashes a special attack.

Another special we can perform with this weapon is ‘Concentrate.’ This grants a temporary attack boost, represented by a sword icon on the top left, enhancing your damage until the buff fades away. That’s how Fable Arts work: accumulate the blue energy by attacking foes, and once you’ve acquired enough, unleash your weapon’s special abilities.

Pinocchio performs a fable art with his puppet's saber, inflicting critical damage on his opponent. A very powerful trick.
Lies of P grants you mighty special attacks (Source: Round8 Studio/Neowiz)


3. Use your preferred Legion Arms

Legion Arms are incredibly versatile attachments that can be mounted on Pinocchio’s arm, allowing him to unleash a range of abilities, from grappling wires to fiery and electric attacks. For example, use the grappling hook arm to disrupt enemy actions, pull distant enemies closer, or swing the left arm of steel to deliver a devastating blow that stops enemy attacks. These abilities add a layer of tactical depth to our hero’s arsenal.


2. Perfect Guard is key

For those who prefer a daring approach, Perfect Guard is another cool feature during intense combat. This mechanic allows you to break up enemy weapons with a precisely timed block, disarming your opponents, so to speak. While their equipment will remain reasonably functional, their attacks will lose power and speed, giving you a significant advantage. It’s a technique worth mastering quickly, but remember that executing a Perfect Guard will consume your stamina even if it doesn’t cause any damage.

Our hero fights a mini-boss that he has just weakened with a perfect guard, causing his weapon to glow orange.
Benefit from the Perfect Guard mechanic in Lies of P (Source: Round8 Studio/Neowiz)


1. Watch boss’s Fury Attacks and study their timing

Fury attacks are relatively uncommon, usually a boss or a mini boss’s special move. These strikes become more frequent when facing the big ones. While being unblockable, you can stop them with a Perfect Guard move. It is advisable to keep a safe distance, especially in boss fights, and carefully watch the Fury Attacks and their timings to execute a Perfect Guard.


That’s it with our Lies of P Guide for Beginners. We wish you good luck and epic battles in the new Soulslike. You will learn why the game gives the popular genre a new twist in our previous Lies of P Article. Don’t own the game yet? You can purchase it for PC via Steam or for a discount via Kinguin (affiliate link).


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Which is your favorite Soulsborne game and why? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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