Orgrim Warcraft Blizzard
Orgrim Warcraft Blizzard

First Peek at Warcraft Movie – June 10,2016

Blizzard’s Warcraft movie is set to be released June 10, 2016. The first stills of the movie, featuring  Robert Kazinsky as Orgrim Doomhammer, have been officially released.

Orgrim Warcraft Movie Blizzard

Director Duncan Jones wrote the script for Warcraft with Charles Leavitt and is, aptly, based off of the Blizzard Warcraft universe. The detail and realistic features of these stills are what Warcraft fans dream of. “We’ve gone beyond the point where these are just creatures in movies,” Jones says. “We now have the technology and the ability to make new characters entirely.”

Warcraft fans have been waiting for this film with bated breath. Here’s to hoping the story is as good as the effects.