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Mafia 3 Officially Announced

Mafia 3 is officially announced, confirmed by 2K via an image released on Twitter.

Nothing more has been said – we can assume that we will find out more information on Mafia 3 at 2015’s Gamescom, in Germany. It has been teased that an announcement trailer will follow on the 5th August 2015 at 1pm GMT / 5 am PT / 8 am ET.

It is strange to reveal Mafia 3 only a week before Gamescom and not leave it to their conference to announce it. Maybe it would have been better for them to create hype for the game there instead. Despite this, I am sure that it is a big enough game to generate its own. As of right now, Mafia 3 is trending on Twitter.

We will keep you posted on Mafia 3 as we get closer to Gamescom.


Until then, See you when you’re older.