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Over 1 Million Copies of Cities: Skylines Sold

More and more mayors are getting busy.

The Biggest SimCity 5 competitor, and arguably superior game, Cities: Skylines, has sold over 1 million copies. This is a huge success for Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive and Finlandian developer Colossal Order.

Besides the availablity of more in-game land, another reason for the game’s success might be the bold move to open the game up to the modding community.

Cities Skylines PC

Since it has been released, 33.500 mods have been uploaded for the game, and the average number of people simultaneously playing these days is at 21.000.

Fingers crossed that a day/night cycle might be added soon along with other exciting elements for richer game play.

The game retails these days for €27,99 on Steam and comes highly recommended.

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