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RTX Remix: NVIDIA’s New AI Game Remaster Tool does Automatic Overhaul of Classic Games

Thanks to NVIDIA's latest tool, the automatic overhaul of games should become way easier in the future through AI Game Remastering.

The world of computer games has already given birth to a multitude of top-notch mods. The modding scene is as old as computer games themselves. So why is NVIDIA RTX Remix such big news?

Even though many have managed to implement successful mods, in some cases, it was certainly not easy. Because accessing game files can turn out to be extremely complicated and the tools provided can be difficult to use. This should now change with the new tool from NVIDIA, which is supposed to enable an automatic overhaul in terms of graphics. With this, the manufacturer also proves once more that it has a lot more to offer besides the big announcement of the GeForce RTX 40 series.


RTX Remix: The ultimate AI Game Remaster Tool

NVIDIA has set itself the goal of making it possible and, at the same time, easier to improve the graphics in games in any case. RTX Remix is able to equip even outdated classic games with modern graphics. Thus, titles can be remastered in a relatively short time, which has already been done in the past years with well-known games like Doom or Minecraft. These could be additionally equipped with ray tracing and modern lighting methods.

Along with the official announcement of its AI Game Remaster tool, NVIDIA also presented Portal Remix; a complete graphics remaster of Valve’s well-known puzzle platformer, which demonstrates the potential of its new tool. However, NVIDIA also emphasized at the same time that the software was made for the gaming community, and they do not plan to implement more complete remakes of titles.

This image shows a screenshot of the remaster of Portal "Portal RTX". Valve's game received an automatic overhaul with NVIDIA's new RTX Remix tool. The screeshot is vertically separated in the middle by a thin yellow bar. The right side of the image shows the original Portal game with lower resolution and washed out textures, and the left side shows the new Portal version with high resolution and detailed textures. We are standing in the first-person perspective in a metallic test room with a high ceiling in front of a round pedestal on the floor. On the pedestal is a large futuristic cube with a kind of eye in it. On the left side in the background is a large round futuristic door.
Portal RTX (Source: NVIDIA/Valve)


The science behind RTX Remix

With the help of deep learning and AI tools, it is possible to take a snapshot in any environment or scene in a game and convert it into a modern graphical form with RTX lighting, objects, and modern textures.

In Remix, you can then preview the scene and adjust it as you wish. In fact, Remix uses a user-controlled D3D9 runtime that reads the game’s rendering methods and provides suitable but graphically enhanced assets for the scene. After that, the assets are available as objects for further processing in RTX Remix, but can also be further processed in other Omniverse-compatible programs such as 3DS Max or Blender. This also allows for collaborative work on the assets and can even be played back live in sync in the Remix viewport.

This image illustrates how much RTX Remix facilitates the workflow of assets using AI Game Remaster, as illustrated in this screenshot: A work sequence with image and text is shown against a black background. Above it is text in white capital letters "RTX Remix simplifies asset capture, import, & export". To the left of the image, three screenshots are arranged one below the other, showing the capture process of a scene in the game. Here, textures, geometry, and lighting are captured separately from each other, which is graphically visualized in the three images. To the right is an image with a folder directory and above it the text in white capital letters "Auto convert to USD", to the right and in the middle is a screenshot with the newly generated scene and above it the text "Create Mod in Redux". This is followed by an export window with the text "Export RTX Mod" and finally, further to the right, there is the finished in-game scene, which is shown as a screenshot. Above it is the text "Launch game & play".
RTX Remix Asset workflow (Source: NVIDIA)


Requirements for Automatic Overhaul of Games

For RTX Remix to work, the game title must have a fixed-function pipeline and run on DirectX 8 or 9. In general, the Remaster tool is designed for 3D games, requires API’s and needs to meet their requirements.
An RTX graphics processor is also required. But this does not have to be exclusive to the NVIDIA RTX lineup. You can play Remix Mods on any hardware that can run Vulkan games with ray tracing.


Get it for free

Classic games should be significantly easier to mod in the future, and the almost automatic overhaul of dusty games a breeze. NVIDIA promises that this will even be possible without great knowledge and the GPU manufacturer wants to offer its AI Game Remaster Tool for free to download in the near future. We are curious about what future Mods this will bring and keep you up to date.

Are you a fan of game mods? What do you expect from the new AI Game Remaster Tool from NVIDIA? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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