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Lies of P Guide for Beginners: 8 Powerful Tips & Tricks You NEED

You have the choice. Do you want to bite the dust countless times or would you rather show the bosses who is actually the king here with the right know-how in your luggage?

Lies of P: Will Geppetto’s Pinocchio Dominate All Souls-Like Titles?

Is FromSoftware history? In any case, Round8 and Neowiz are sending a serious competitor into the race, which is currently attracting a lot of attention with innovative approaches.

Lies of P: Pinocchio’s Souls-Like Release Date Is This Summer

The famous story about the popular character of Geppetto gets a dark twist in this new Souls-like. Round8 Studio and NEOWIZ impress with an innovative title that is now more than ready for release.

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