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Lies of P: Pinocchio’s Souls-Like Release Date Is This Summer

Oh, Geppetto, what have you done? We thank you very much for it!

Lies of P retells the story of Pinocchio. But it’s much darker than the famous original. NEOWIZ has now announced the month of the release date in a new trailer.


Souls-Likes are attracting more and more players with their highly challenging game mechanics. Many titles of this kind already came out to quench this thirst. Round8 Studio and NEOWIZ also want to follow this trend and deliver a hard-hitting experience with Lies of P. However, they have come up with something very special in terms of storyline.


Pinocchio is a ruthless killer doll

Inspired by the famous story of Pinocchio, the developer created Lies of P., a similar protagonist with the same name. Only, the puppet is not made of wood, but of strong metal and is a “Puppet Mechanoid”. Also, the adventures of this Pinocchio look much darker, bloodier, and more ruthless.

You wake up in an empty train station in the city of Krat, which has become a hotbed of bloodlust and madness. A note on the floor instructs you to look for your master and creator, Geppetto, who is somewhere in this city.

A huge boss-like creature in Lies of P with a golden crown and red eyes smashes the floor of a magnificent concert hall.
Boss fight in Lies of P (Source: Round8 Studio/NEOWIZ)


As a killer doll, you’ll thus embark on a dark journey and encounter many hellish creatures and final bosses in a much more “adult” way. A well-thought-out combat system comes in handy. And the developers want to even increase this immersion by embedding your fight moments in a gripping story.

The game world describes a big city in the Belle Époque, and the setting is strongly reminiscent of the popular Bloodborne. A new kind of Souls-like in this mood is exactly what we need.


This recent Lies of P gameplay trailer has exploded the anticipation

The title already caused a stir at last year’s Gamescom with its impressive and gloomy gameplay and won over numerous fans. In addition to several videos that have already been published, AMD came up with some more exclusive in-game footage. Lies of P in 8K graphic splendor. Watch the Lies of P gameplay below:


Lies of P’s release date is scheduled for this summer

The release is within reach. In an interview in November last year, director Choi Ji-Won told 4gamers stated that Lies of P was more than 70% finished and that the team is doing the final work. By now, the game should be more than ready to hit the market. The Souls-Like is planned for PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

Today, the developers have finally addressed the positive bubbling mood among fans and narrowed down the release to August 2023 with a new release month trailer. An exact day is not yet mentioned, but fortunately, this is already very concrete. With many games postponing set dates in the recent past, it remains to be seen if this “promise” can be kept. But we remain positive.

A town square in Krat with stature in the middle and many tall buildings can be seen. The game is approaching the release date.
A town square in Krat (Source: Round8 Studio/NEOWIZ)


Great Souls-Likes that have already hit the market

Yes, we can’t wait to play Lies of P, either. If you want to pass the time until this delicacy, we recommend you to our favorite Souls Like Games.

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How do you like the game concept of Lies of P? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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