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Switch 2 With a New Chip From NVIDIA? Nintendo Rumors Gathered (Update #1)

Many rumors about the new Nintendo console are circulating on the Internet, but now one fact seems confirmed: The successor is supposed to be equipped with a better chip from NVIDIA, which will provide a big performance improvement.

Possible Diablo 4 Release Date & Which Classes to Play in IV (Update #2)

Is the latest title of Blizzard's hack and slash RPG coming out as early as spring 2023? The developer is expected to reveal official information about the new Diablo game before the end of the year.

Fortnite Chapter 4: What to Expect in the New Season (Update #2)

Everything has an end, but Chapter 3 an unexpectedly quick one. Epic Games today announced what fans have been wondering: When the current season will end and the new chapter will be released. In any case, the time for it is now almost here.

Silent Hill Game Sequel Confirmed: A New Game Rating Might Give a Clue

Fans of the Silent Hill series have a good reason to be excited: A recent leak has revealed that a new title from the IP might be coming up.

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