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Possible Diablo 4 Release Date & Which Classes to Play in IV (Update #2)

December might bring a pre-Christmas present for all fans of hack and slash. It might happen that we can swing the axe again earlier than expected.

The excitement around Diablo IV is rising. Much has already been leaked about the new title, but a release date was still missing. Now rumors are circulating that predict a Diablo 4 release date in April 2023.

Will the next part of the popular hack-and-slash role-playing game Diablo IV be released as early as April next year? According to the latest rumors, there are good reasons to believe so. However, developer Blizzard has not yet announced an official release date.


Update, December 12th

Now it appears to have proven true. After we reported a few days ago about the data mining leak of an Italian blogger, the confirmation came today via a marketing email from Blizzard. According to this, the Diablo 4 release date is June 6, 2023 and will be released for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, including crossplay functionality for cross-platform fun. In addition, there will also be a couch co-op function for consoles, with which you can presumably play via split screen. Accompanying the announcement, there was then also immediately a new trailer:


Update, December 7th

There is news to report from the Diablo IV front: Although not officially from the developers, but through data mining from “Aggiornamenti Lumia”. He has apparently found a release date. This a leak that seems quite plausible, because the well-known Italian blogger has also made predictions in the past that have come true. According to him, he has managed to get the data from the so-called API (Application Programming Interface) of the Microsoft Store.

According to his information, Diablo 4 will be released on June 5, 2023. The time given is 23:00, which means that in other time zones, the release will fall on June 6. The download of the game will be about 80 GB, and there should be a Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition.


Original Article, November 7th

What can we take from the new Diablo IV rumors

The new information about a possible release date for Diablo is based on the claims of two people: Jez Corden and Nick Baker. Both are reportedly relying on established but unnamed sources. Corden writes in a news report on Windows Central that Diablo IV can be pre-ordered as early as December 2022 and that the release will be in April 2023. The hypothesis is simultaneously supported by the same claims Nick Baker made during the XboxEra Podcast. When exactly the game might be released in April, however, remains a mystery.

In this screenshot, we see the barbarian in the semi-close-up on the right as one of the five possible classes in Diablo IV. He is shown at night in front of a very dark blurry forest and illuminated with warm light coming from the front. He stands topless with a large wide iron chain around his neck in semi-profile with his arms outstretched, looking grimly past us on the right. We can expect a Diablo 4 release date as early as April next year.
The Barbarian in Diablo IV (Source: Blizzard)


According to Corden, we can look forward to December 9. On this day, the Game Awards 2022 will take place, and the Diablo 4 release date is going to be officially announced. That could also mean the start of pre-orders. We might also expect a physical Collector’s Edition and various other bundles. Pre-orderers seem to be able to play the beta as early as February 2023.

In any case, Blizzard is planning a seasonal live service for D4. Although the game seems to be scheduled for release in April, Baker and Corden’s sources say Season One won’t be released until the third quarter of next year.


Diablo 4 Classes: These characters will be available in D4

Right from the start, players will be able to play the following five classes, which you already might know from predecessors of the series:

Also in Diablo IV, you can choose between five classes. In this picture, you can see the selection menu, where all playable characters are presented side by side in a light u-form at night around a burning campfire and are shown in total view. On the far left, a character in female form is sitting on a chest. The female hero has reddish battle armor, black hair, and a bow on her back. Next to her is a necromancer with long white hair, a round shield, and a scythe in her left hand. In the center of the picture stands a sorceress of brownish cloth clothing with her hands raised. Next to her is a female archer wearing leather armor with a hooded face. Next to her in the front right of the picture is a sitting druid wearing a large animal skin and a helmet with antlers.
Class menu in Diablo IV (Source: Blizzard)


  • Barbarian
  • Druid
  • Necromancer
  • Rogue
  • Sorceress

Note: You can choose different genders for all Diablo IV classes. We have limited the classes presented here to one gender only for easier readability.



In Diablo 4, the master of melee combat will once again let his two-handed weapons do the talking. The muscular barbarian has been part of every Diablo game so far. As a fearless warrior, he plunges into the thick of battle and intimidates his enemies with his war cries. If you are more into aggressive gameplay, this character should be very suitable for you.



As Druid, summon powerful beasts to fight by your side. The popular character from Diablo 2 returns with his spiritual abilities, which allow you to fight both at a distance and man-to-man. A good mix of melee and ranged combat.



The ruler of the undead is back, of course. Summon a regiment of skeletons or resurrect a horde of fallen enemies and have them fight for you while you apply more curses to your foes. This character, which has been around since Diablo 2, works especially well for players who like to deal (passive) damage from a distance.



This character, which comes from Diablo 1, has great similarities with Demon Hunter or the Assassin. He has a considerable collection of deadly knives and a bow as his main weapon, which makes him best suited for ranged combat. His character name is earned not least by his arsenal of trap equipment, which he uses to take out his enemies sneakily.



A character that has been available in all Diablo games so far is the Sorceress. Now, in the latest installment of Diablo, she will once again wield her wand from afar and cast powerful spells on onrushing enemies. It’s never wrong to have a wizard in your ranks.

If you want to get a comprehensive look at the game, feel free to check out this official gameplay trailer:


So we can be more than excited and look with wide-open eyes to December. Exactly two months ago, we reported on a leak of Diablo 4 gameplay that shows multiple videos with unofficial in-game footage.

In Diablo 4 you'll not only fight against numerous hordes of undead but also against many gigantic end bosses, as seen here in this screenshot: At the top left of the image is a brownish-reddish bat-like creature with a large mouth and sharp teeth. It is standing on the edge of a partially grass-covered ledge at night. At the top of the picture, you can see the deep abyss. Around her stand 7 different players, which have a different appearance. They use blue or red colored spells or fight the creature in close combat with swords.
Boss fight in Diablo IV (Source: Blizzard)


Dive into other worlds before the Diablo 4 release date

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Which class are you most looking forward to in Diablo IV and why? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.

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