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Silent Hill Game Sequel Confirmed: A New Game Rating Might Give a Clue

Breaking news for all horror fans: A recent leak might have revealed the title of a new Silent Hill game.

For fans of the horror game series Silent Hill, this should be exciting news: A rating for a new game title of the IP has been tracked down on the Internet. Is a Silent Hill Game Sequel confirmed?

The insight comes from the Game Rating and Administration Committee in South Korea, which has given a rating including the title of a new Silent Hill game. It seems like the game is titled Silent Hill: The Short Message. Thanks to the guys over at Gematsu, who stumbled upon this information.

In this picture, we see the face of the protagonist Cheryl in front of the image and a close-up of a man behind her. A monster can be seen in the background. Cheryl could also be back in the Silent Hill Game sequel.
Cheryl in Silent Hill (Source: Konami)


Publisher of the game also known

The legitimacy of the new title is supported by additional information, which was also revealed: The publisher of the new title is supposed to be UNIANA, which has already been responsible for the release of many Konami titles. There is no official information from the developers about a new Silent Hill Game yet, but this breaking news gives us good reason to be optimistic about the future of the popular game series.

Over the years, many rumors have already circulated. In the summer of 2021, Konami announced a cooperation with the Polish horror game developer Bloober Team, a company that is known for very successful horror titles like Layers of Fear or Blair Witch. This led many to believe that a Silent Hill 2 remake was now being worked on. Konami and Bloober Team held back with information until now.

However, a leaked screenshot with Japanese text surfaced on Reddit today, which could show an excerpt from the possible new Silent Hill Game Sequel. The screenshots were coming from Dusk Golem:

Another image of Silent Hill (Sakura?) leaked from GamingLeaksAndRumours


A Silent Hill Game Sequel seems to be expected in foreseeable future

So the news from Gematsu gives us strong hope that something about a new sequel to the horror series will be officially announced very soon.

Cheryl could also be seen again in the new Silent Hill, fighting nasty creatures.
Cheryl fighting a boss in Silent Hill (Source: Konami)


For those of you who are now really hungry for a new Silent Hill Game, you might remember their playable teaser from back then: The P.T. Video Game. In case you haven’t played it yet, or might want to get back to excellent jump scares, two free remakes for PC are available in the article linked above. That might cure the appetite a little for the waiting time.

What do you think of the Silent Hill games? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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