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The Witcher 4: All News About the New Game & Release Date

The developers at CD Projekt RED are already working on a new adventure around the Witcher franchise and have big plans, which even means a jump to a next-gen engine. We wanted to know what the new title is all about and when a release can be expected.

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising Continues the Karate Saga Once Again

The Karate Kid saga goes into the second round. The sequel to the popular beat'em-up adventure is available today for all next-gen consoles and PC. Get out your karate belt, and may the best win.

Silent Hill Game Sequel Confirmed: A New Game Rating Might Give a Clue

Fans of the Silent Hill series have a good reason to be excited: A recent leak has revealed that a new title from the IP might be coming up.

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