José Teixeira, Visual Effect Artist at CD Projekt Red, announced modders are going to be able to get massively creative with The Wither 3: Wild Hunt for PC. According to a recent interview, there are two main tools: the REDKit and the REDengine 3 itself. Still being complex to use, they are working hard on usability to ensure that it is ready for the mass market soon. Both platforms should already open the game up with as much freedom as possible, so us gamers can do whatever we can imagine.


The Wither 3 III PC Modding Release Open World Bigger Than Skyrim


The game is supposed to be gold already, so we’re happily looking forward to the release of this epic game on the 19th of May, at 1am CET/GMT/UTC. A world thirty times bigger than “The Elder Scrolls 5 or V: Skyrim” opens up almost endless possibilities for the amount of adventures you can experience in immersive detail.


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