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£14.5 Billion To Be Spent On Mobile Games In 2015

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The Estimated Figure That Consumers Will Spend On Mobile Games In 2015 Is £14.5 Billion

The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) has recently estimated, that the total amount of money spent by consumers on mobile games will be around $20 billion (or £14.5 billion) in 2015. As an organization, they deal with the European video games industry and are conducting reports, which they forward to the European Union.

The report labelled “Mobile Games Europe” states, that a grand total of £14.5 billion will be spent on Google Play, App Store and Windows store on either paid games or through in-app purchases. It is also estimated, that the number is expected to increase further throughout the coming years, with expectations of the figure doubling by 2017.


Mobile game popularity and the estimated number of how much consumers are to spend on mobile games in 2015.
Image Credit: play.google.com

Europe is growing in the global digital economy, as the continent supports over 20,000 employees in the video game sector already.


“Of the top 10 apps in the Apple iOS and Google Play app store in June 2015, six were made by game companies head-quartered in Europe… We can be proud of our leading position, while keeping the focus on fostering a business environment where skills and talent keep our companies at the top.” – Simon Little, Managing Director of ISFE.

So basically he claims, that Europe has a very strong presence already and is continually growing in the mobile sector. More and more top games on the Google Play and the App store are made by European Developers. Tendency rising.

But what does this mean for home consoles or PCs? Will the increase in mobile game popularity affect them?
Feel free to tell me your opinions via the comments below!


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