Snax Clutch Titan 1v5 against 5

Clutch: 1vs5 Snax against Titan

Snax Saved The Round – Incredible 1v5 De_Overpass Clutch.


We all know it – we all want it. A Clutch. Everytime a scary moment, being the last survivor of your team. Facing multiple opponents and being responsible for win or loss of the round. But from time to time you’re either lucky or that experienced, that this can’t disconcert you. Not at all.

Hiding on Overpass in Tunnels at the Gaming-Paradise 2015 Tournament in Slovenia, Polish Pro-Player ‘Snax’ was facing a 1vs5 against the Frenchmen of Titan and nailed it:


If it was just perfect team communication or luck – this is a typical Counter-Strike moment that you will not forget. And this is just what keeps this game being so awesome. All these unbelievable memories.