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Core Keeper Gets New Boost: The Epic Paws & Claws Update

Don't be blinded by the cuteness. You'll want to cuddle your future companions, but let them fight for you instead.

Your next mining expedition in Core Keeper is guaranteed a more wholesome experience. The big Paws & Claws update is just around the corner, and you can look forward to new animal companions. The May update has much more in store, and more content for 2023 is already planned.


Something big and cuddly is coming! The Paws & Claws update is the next colossal content boost for the 2D sandbox game Core Keeper. The release date is May 10, and part of the recently revealed 2023 roadmap presented by Pugstorm.


After Quality of Love, Core Keeper Paws & Claws follows

In February, the developers got 2023 off to a fantastic start with the ‘Quality of Love’ update, which introduced new instrument and music mechanics, new seasonal content, and improved light and shadow rendering.

March saw the release of the ‘CK Anniversary Event’ with fresh seasonal items like birthday cakes and hats, followed by ‘Cherry Blossom Festival,’ covering large parts of the landscape with a pink veil of petals. And, because it was such a hype in the community last in 2022, this year, we also got to see the Easter event in April, which brought exciting extras to the title in the form of decorative items, environmental effects, and seasonal outfits.

With Paws & Claws, the next leap on the roadmap is now upon us. And it’s a big package full of excellent new features, which we’ve listed for you below:

Here we see a player fishing at the lake and players above and below in crafted houses in a desert landscape.
Screenshot of Core Keeper (Source: Pugstorm/Fireshine Games)


The Core Keeper Paws & Claws Update at a glance

Of course, the new animal companions are the heart of the May update. Five cute pets enter Core Keeper, ready to be by your side on dangerous underground adventures. As a player, you can raise them and use their unique abilities in battle.


Which pet should it be?

Choose between five pets that differ from each other in appearance and abilities – available in several color variations. Fanhare, Embertail, Subterrier, Owlux, or Jr Slimes will be there.



It’s a cute rodent with feather ears! However, this creature compensates for its size with its deadly ranged attacks by shooting poisonous hairs at its enemies. Maybe better not cuddle with it and enjoy its beautiful appearance only from a safe distance.



If you’re a cat lover, this companion might suit you just fine. Get ready for an impulsive, spontaneous pet with Embertail, which burns your enemies with fiery hot, ranged attacks. In addition, its bright eyes provide a +2 glow for more visibility in dark places.

Screenshot from the Core Keeper Paws & Claws update with Embertail and the Subterrier next to players in a green biome.
Screenshot of Core Keeper (Source: Pugstorm/Fireshine Games)



A perfect buddy in the game. The Subterrier is a cute dog that can reliably decimate your enemies with its powerful jaws. Besides, it can also stun enemies so that you can go for the final stroke.



Do you prefer a bird-like companion? With Owlux, you get an elegant, caring companion that hovers overhead, always keeping an eye on the surroundings. It has no offensive attacks but increases your damage and movement speed.


Jr. Slimes

Since we have to deal with many slimy bosses in Cooper Keeper, these companions can’t be missing as a ‘junior form.’ Choose between the poisonous Jr. Purple Slime, the scorching Jr. Lava Slime, the oozy Jr. Orange Slime, and the slippery Jr. Blue Slime. They all have the same damage type as their ‘big boss’ counterparts.

The gameplay in Corekeeper becomes even more attractive with Paws & Claws. Here we see a drill mining ore.
Drills ins Core Keeper (Source: Pugstorm/Fireshine Games)


Sub-biome ‘Meadow’ gets added in Core Keeper

Another excellent addition is the ‘Meadow’ sub-biome. As the name suggests, this is a meadow-like area where, of course, farm animals roam. Meet cute creatures like the Bambuck, Moolin, and Strolly Poly and obtain helpful resources like wool, milk, and Strolly Poly plates from them.


The new creative mode

The building has always been your favorite activity in Core Keeper? Then you’ll be happy to hear that a new creative mode is making its way into the game, where you can play around as an architect and build to your heart’s content. As known from games like Minecraft, you get a passive mode in which you are unlimited and free to create without paying attention to resources and enemies.


More desired features introduced

And as if that wasn’t enough new content, the developers took the opportunity to fulfill numerous of the community’s wishes. So you can also look forward to hotly requested features, such as improved combat techniques, object rotation, and the newly craftable glass material, including color options and light effects.

And finally, a bucket will come with the update. An item many fans have been waiting for. With it, you can transport most liquids, from water to lava. Besides gear like the Core Keeper Drill, which enables automated ore mining, the bucket will be another handy item in the game.

Now before you burst with anticipation and cuteness, sit back, relax, and better watch the fresh Paws & Claws release date trailer.


Further biomes and updates are on their way

According to the developers, another new Core Keeper biome will be implemented in the game. It’s called the ‘Crystal Biome,’ and more content will be added later this year. However, the roadmap does not reveal anything more specific, but we can be curious and have the certainty that the team has more great surprises in store for us.


Want to get started in Core Keeper?

If you’re a newcomer to the game, don’t let the cute animal update fool you: the gameplay includes challenging dungeons where large, hideous (often slimy) creatures lurk in the dark, waiting for you. Find out how to defeat the Core Keeper bosses most efficiently. The game is available for Linux and PC via Steam as an Early Access title. For a special discount, you can also buy it via Kinguin (affiliate link).

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Are you also looking forward to the giant update? Which companion will you choose and why? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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