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Lightyear Frontier Is the Interstellar Answer to Stardew Valley

If you've grown bored with flora and fauna in Stardew Valley, hop on the nearest spaceship and cultivate alien planets aboard a cute mech.

Lightyear Frontier is a cuddly open-world farming simulator in a sci-fi universe. The game brings fresh air to the somewhat dusty farming genre and already launches this year.


Farming simulator games are very trendy these days. But rather than going in the same direction repeatedly, Lightyear Frontier has come up with an innovation. The title combines farming with mechs.

Instead of Mother Earth, you’ll cultivate your fields on alien planets and control the whole thing from the cockpit of a robot. If you are a fan of unusual places and the farming genre, you should take a closer look at Lightyear Frontier. Fresh wind and variety for a tired genre.

As the player, we are in the cockpit of a mech during the day, looking out through the glass pane in first-person at a field of wheat in front of us, which we are currently cultivating. With the help of our mech arms, we harvest the wheat, which can be seen in dense yellow clumps on a brown-speckled field. The field extends into the middle ground of the image. Behind it, we see a grassy landscape that leads to a rocky mountain range, which we can see in the background in the crop at the top of the image.
Harvesting wheat in Lightyear Frontier (Source: Frame Break/Amplifier Game Invest)


What is the gameplay of Lightyear Frontier like?

In Lightyear Frontier, you land with your mech on an alien, beautiful planet. Start a new life in a new home, harvest foreign resources, and construct buildings and a farm. But you don’t have to feel lonely at all. Team up with up to three other friends, discover flora and fauna in Co-op mode and build an idyllic and productive agricultural economy together.

To spice things up a bit, there are mobility modules like boosters to navigate faster through the vast open world. Here you’ll collect seeds of many alien plants, irrigate the fields and let the crops flourish. While exploring the planet, you’ll also have to brave the prevailing dynamic weather conditions and take the appropriate precautions to reap the richest harvest possible. The following gameplay trailer will give you a comprehensive overview of the game’s features.


When is the release date of Lightyear Frontier?

The indie simulator was first announced in the summer of 2021. According to igdb.com, it should be released as early as Q2 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Lightyear Frontier will also be available for Xbox Game Pass. Feel free to put it on your wishlist on Steam.

We see the same player from the previous screenshot. This time, however, we're looking at him from a distance, from a lower perspective, so that he's visible in the wide shot on the left. He stands next to a similar yellow rectangular Wheatfield and looks past us on the right. The red metallic robot has two large feet and a hood in the belly area that is reminiscent of a tractor. Above it, we see the player sitting in the glass cockpit, who has a red-blue suit and a black helmet. The arms of the mech resemble cannon barrels. In the background, we glimpse light brown rocks, green plants, and yellow-leaved trees in the blur. Above we see the blue sky with white clouds.
Lightyear Frontier (Source: Frame Break/Amplifier Game Invest)


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What do you think of this particular kind of farming simulation? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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