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Baldur’s Gate 3 – 12 Things You Should Know Before Buying

The third installment of Larian Studios' revolutionary D&D based RPG will soon celebrate its full release, and many gamers are wondering what will be changed and added in 1.0. A lot!

18 Things About Atlas Fallen You Need to Know

Deck13 leaves the sci-fi universe with its new game and delivers a massive fantasy adventure that couldn't be sandier. In which aspects does the newcomer differ? Find out.

Payday 3: New Trailer, Release Date & Crossplay Details (Update)

The popular heist simulation is entering its third round very soon. A freshly released announcement teaser gives a short concise insight into the new installment, and we also get clues about the release.

Core Keeper Gets New Boost: The Epic Paws & Claws Update

A massive update for Pugstorm's 2D sandbox game will be released next week. And the companions are only a part of numerous highly desired innovations.

Dying Light 2 Update: After Killer ‘Gut Feeling’ Soon Follows DLC 2

How does Techlands' second installment continue in the year 2023? Get an overview of the popular zombie shooter's new content and prepare for exciting innovations this year.

Bring Farming Simulator 22 to the Fullest With Powerful Mods

Expand the farming simulation and reap a rich harvest with useful changes and additional content. Thanksgiving will be all the more prosperous as a result!

Suicide Squad’s Kill the Justice League Release Date Changed (Again)

Make injustice happen very soon again in the new title from Rocksteady Studios and defeat the heroes of the DC universe. Now the developers surprise us with new exclusive material.

Submarine Simulation Barotrauma Sets Course for 1.0 This Spring

The popular submarine simulation from Daedalic Entertainment is approaching its 1.0 release date. Over the years, the game has gathered an enormous player base through its many cool features.

Wizard with a Gun: All Details About Gameplay and Release Date

A new survival co-op sandbox shooter strongly resembles a very popular scary 2D survival adventure. However, there is more to the title than you might have initially thought.

New Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod for Online Co-op Incoming

So far, we have only been able to discover the world-famous magic school and all its secrets on our own. But this seems to change thanks to a very ambitious team.

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