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Enrich WorldBox With the Best Mods & Optimal Traits

You can't just play God, they said. There's more to it than that. But then they discovered WorldBox.

With the Mega Box – Major Update released on Sunday, the player numbers of WorldBox have increased tremendously. Traits play a significant role in the game, and Mods can wonderfully expand the content.


WorldBox is a cute, colorful mix of sandbox and simulation. The 2D game by Maxim Karpenko was first released in 2018 as Early Access for Android and PC and described itself as “the best god sandbox game.”


Take on the role of God in WorldBox

As usual, with sims, you view the action from above and, in this case, from a top-down perspective. But here, this view makes sense in particular because you look down on the earth as the creator yourself. Basically, you shape and fill your planet with life according to your ideas and wishes. Or other things.

In addition, you can bring a variety of creatures into existence, such as wolves, sheep, humans, dwarves, orcs, dragons, and even UFOs. Then sit back, and watch the civilizations interact and evolve. Do you dislike specific things on earth? Then restore law and order and serve yourself from your divine bag of tricks: launch tornadoes, earthquakes, meteorites, or start fires everywhere. You can see how the whole thing looks in action in this funny trailer:


Four of the best WorldBox Mods

Certainly, WorldBox offers you a lot of possibilities to build your dream. But besides this colorful variety, you can use mods to make the game an even more incredible experience. For this purpose, we have selected four of the best mods for WorldBox below.


4. Simplebox

Do you want to optimize the look of WorldBox? With Simblebox, you can do precisely that. The mod replaces the game’s existing textures, including UI elements, with more modern ones. Even the loading screen is graphically improved too. Bring a contemporary spirit to the game.

You can get the mod on Nexusmods.com.


3. Squad RPG

This mod fills a gap in the game and, at the same time, feels like an official gameplay expansion. With Squad RPG, you can command any creature, even form entire squads and build an army. You can also make creatures squad leaders and equip them with bonus traits.

Download Squad RPG at Gamebanana.com.


2. Powerbox

Powerbox is full of new possibilities, and the name really says it all. It is a mod that extensively expands your tools as a god. Powerbox adds another 20 powers to the God Powers tab. Among them are new creatures, new world laws, new fan powers, and natural disasters.

Find Powerbox on Gamebanana.com.


1. Plenty o Biomes

This mod adds many things to the game. Over 20 new biomes and resources are added, more than 50 unique creatures, over 60 new berries, and more than 10 ores. With the Demon Slayer mod, even more of the latter. Currently in the works are also potions, a resource grinding system, a new boss, and overhauled crafting mechanics.

One of the best WorldBox mods, and you can find it on Nexusmods.com.

Mods can give you even more power as a god in Worldbox. Here you can see a beam of light hitting a lava area.
Worldbox screenshot (Source: Maxim Karpenko)


WorldBox traits for a perfect combination

The game contains many traits that you can use to influence and manipulate your world and the creatures that live in it. However, many players wonder what the best WorldBox traits are. We have found a combination for you on Reddit.com. According to user One-Hat-9764, the best combination of traits looks like this and works best for a bannerman or warrior:

  • Super Health (gives 9,999 additional Health)
  • Strong (+2 on Warfare and additionally +3 on Damage, increases Birth by 1.5%)
  • Fast (increases the Attack Speed by 5% and the regular Speed by 10%, boosts Birth by 1%)
  • Agile (boosts Attack Speed by 30%, Dodge by 10%, but -1% on Size, Birth increased by 0.75%)
  • Giant (Health modifier of +50% and +5% for Size, but -5% Attack Speed, gain 0.5% on Birth) – or use Tiny below
  • Tiny (you sacrifice -2% on Size, half of your Health, and one Diplomacy point, but gain 5% regular Speed and 10% Attack Speed, increasing Birth by 0.5%)
  • Immortal (prevents dying from disease or old age, but subtracts 20 points from Loyalty, additional 0.1% chance for Birth)
  • Immune (makes invulnerable from the plague, Mush spores, infected traits, tumor infection, and gives +3 Armor, adds 0.25% on Birth chance)
  • Eagle Eyed (additional 15% on Critical Hit Bonus, and increases Accuracy by 10%, adds 0.7% chance of Birth)
  • Tough (gain a point for Warfare and 10 for Armor, adds 1.5% Birth chance)
  • Blessed (gain a 50% modifier for Speed, Damage, and Health, 10% for Armor, Crit, and Diplomacy)
  • Veteran (increase Dodge by 2%, Armor by 1%, gain 30 points for Health, 5 for Warfare, and 3 for Damage) 
  • Mageslayer (subtracts 10 points from Loyalty, but increases Accuracy and Crit by 3%, Dodge by 2%, and adds 5 points to Warfare)
  • Kingslayer (subtracts 25 points from Loyalty and 5 from Diplomacy, but adds 5 to Warfare, 2 to the Supply Timer modifier, and 5% Attack Speed)
  • Dragonslayer (boosts Accuracy by 5%, Crit by 4%, Dodge by 3%, and adds 6 points to Warfare and 10 to the Diplomacy modifier)
  • Attractive (gain 10% more Crit, 1 point for Stewardship and 2 for Diplomacy, boosts Birth chance by 1.5%)
  • Lucky (Crit is increased by 30%, Doge by 5%, Accuracy by 4%, and Birth chance by 0.7%)
  • Flesh Eater (you replenish health (Health of the Target / 20)+1 each attack)
  • Rain (Gamma, Omega, or Delta)
  • Poison (resistant to poison)
  • Acid Proof (resistant to acid)
  • Fire Proof (resistant to fire)
  • Freeze Proof (resistant to freeze)

If you want to dive deeper into WorldBox traits, feel free to visit the Fandom Wiki.

It is not difficult to unlock the Demon and Tornado Achievements. Here is a giant snake on the green island and a light ray.
Screenshot from Worldbox (Source: Maxim Karpenko)


How to get the Tornado Achievement in WorldBox

This is an achievement that is very popular among gamers. However, it doesn’t take much effort to unlock this coveted Achievement. All you have to do is spawn a tornado and keep cursing it until it gets as big as possible.

Besides the Tornado Achievement, you can also unlock the Baby Tornado Achievement. All you have to do is let lightning strike a tornado, so it splits in two. Et Voilà!


How to get the Demon Achievement in WorldBox

To unlock the famous Demon Achievement in WorldBox, we recommend these four steps, which we took from a guide by Fast Tutorials. It doesn’t take much effort to get this, either.


Step 1

First, you have to create a Demon.


Step 2

Then equip it with Madness traits and Mush Spores. The Mush Spores infect the host and spread through other units. Now, the Madness drives the demon wild and angry; you should have 8 traits.


Step 3

Next, spawn a mage and have it fight the demon.


Step 4

Once the mage is killed, place some bugs around the demon to get the veteran trait. Now you should have unlocked the Demon Achievement.


Are you craving to play the game? You can also play WorldBox on the go. The title is available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux. For PC, you can buy the game via Steam.


Take a break from being a God

You want to blend in with the plebs again? Come back to earth and give try one of the Best Sandbox Games.

If you want to focus on gorgeous and realistic-looking cities, follow the development of Cities Skylines 2 and Manor Lords.


What’s your favorite thing to do as a digital god? Which mod do you like the most? Feel free to write us in the comments below.

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