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Pizza Tower: Game Release, 6 Tips & Tricks

Kids of the 90s (and everyone else) take note: A freshly released indie game has been causing quite a stir lately. The title makes use of the strengths of a very popular Nintendo series.

SpongeBob: Cosmic Shake’s Release Date Is Tomorrow

Bikini Bottom needs to be saved once again. This time you'll dress up in many crazy costumes and travel to seven dream worlds of your favorite sponge and his companion Patrick.

Paralives Makes an Excellent Impression as a Sims-Alternative

Fans of life simulations should definitely take a closer look at this indie game. The title has great potential and an enormous depth of gameplay, which the team is ambitiously working on.

Dead Space Remake Access via EA Play and Close Release Date

The remake of the horror Sci-Fi survival shooter is about to be released, and Steam is making gamers a very exciting offer. You can read all about the renewed game and EA Play access in this article.

Witchfire: All About Gameplay, Graphics & New Release Date

From the makers of Painkiller comes a devilish rogue-lite shooter about witches, demons, and the church. Read this article to find out everything new about the gameplay, graphical features, and release date.

Starfield Release Date Narrowed Down Further by Bethesda

Bethesda's next big IP will come in 2023. We can provide you with more information about the massive space RPG, and you can be sure to get even more exciting news about it in the very near future.

New Stalker 2 Gameplay, Multiplayer & System Requirements

The sequel to the famous post-apocalyptic shooter based around Chornobyl is now keeping fans on their toes with a new gameplay trailer. The title will for sure raise the bar for upcoming games in 2023.

Gothic 1 & 2 for Nintendo Switch: Tweet Gives Reason for Hope

THQ Nordic's award-winning adventure RPG may soon be released for Nintendo's platform. A recently published Tweet from the developers gives a reason for this assumption. Find out what it says and what we can make of the information.

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator – 11 Tips for Your Potions & Map

In this potion simulation game, you can finally release your inner alchemist and lose yourself in brewing numerous potions. Take your time and increase your reputation among your clientele with valuable tips on the art of brewing with our guide.

Dwarf Fortress Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginner’s (Steam-Release)

The dwarf building simulation that shaped an entire genre and made popular building games like Minecraft and RimWorld possible is now available as a rewritten Steam Edition. Immerse yourself in a masterpiece where the concepts of mining, crafting, and farming were first born, and provide yourself with helpful information to get started.

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