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Fear the Hunter in Remnant 2: The New Gameplay & Archetypes

In the sequel, you don't have to limit yourself to one archetype and can build exciting synergies.

Gunfire Games completely overhauled their Archetypes and gameplay in Remnant 2, giving you more freedom in your play style. Just before the release date, the devs unveiled a new exciting class. How does the new system work, and which Archetypes are available? We will give you a comprehensive insight.


For all newcomers, Archetypes are essentially classes. These will significantly differ from the first game and have undergone a complete overhaul to make them more engaging and meaningful.


The new Archetype system in Remnant 2

You still get to choose an Archetype, which defines your starting gear, including three unique weapons, a trademark armor set, and a unique Archetype trait. But each Archetype now has two new notable features – perks and skills; plus, in Remnant 2, you aren’t locked to just one Archetype.


Archetype Perks

As you level up your Archetype and gain experience, you unlock exclusive perks and skills which contribute to your own independent progression of your Archetype. Perks come in five types: Prime, Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic.

  • Prime: embodies the core identity of the Archetype, offering exclusive benefits.
  • Damage: scales the damage output and gets more effective as you level up.
  • Team: positively impacts all allies, regardless of whether you play solo or in a group, such as increased team defense or healing.
  • Utility: perks offer small buffs that seamlessly fit the Archetype’s theme, like reducing stamina costs.
  • Relic: perks grant temporary powerful effects triggered after using a relic, but its limitations are tied to its usage.


Archetype Skills in Remnant II

Each Archetype comes with three skills providing special abilities unique to each. Unlike the first game’s shared weapon mods, other types cannot use these skills. So, to use specific skills or perks, you must choose the right Archetype. You can select only one skill at a time, but they can be swapped outside combat.

Here in Remnant II, we see the Medic as one of the Archetypes performing the skill “Wellspring,” creating a green shockwave.
The Medic using the skill “Wellspring” in Remnant II (Source: Gunfire Games/Gearbox Publishing)


Leveling up Archetype traits and combining them

The Archetype traits in Remnant II have also undergone a crucial change. As you level up, the trait increases in rank. But beforehand, you must ask yourself what stuff you want to spend your points on and what you can live without. Because, unlike in the first installment, it is impossible to maximize every single trait card.


Create a unique class using two Archetypes

Once an Archetype reaches max level, the trait becomes fully unlocked and can be used with any build you desire, even from other Archetypes. However, to access the full potential of the trait on a different character, you will need to spend points to level it up. So, think carefully because Total Trait Points are limited!

The exciting part is that you can combine two Archetypes and use them together to create a unique class benefiting from the traits, skills, and perks of both. However, the primary Archetype’s perk will not be shared.


All Remnant 2 Archetypes and how they work together

Which Archetypes will join the party in Remnant 2 and how do they perform? You can look forward to the Gunslinger, Challenger, Hunter, Medic, and Handler.

From the bottom view, we see three Archetypes in Remnant 2, which you can play from the release date together with the Hunter.
five Archetypes are confirmed for Remnant II (Source: Gunfire Games/Gearbox Publishing)



The Gunslinger is the Archetype that dominates gunfights with a high fire rate and ammo efficiency. His perks all revolve around maximizing his damage per second. His prime perk, “Loaded” automatically reloads both guns when a skill is activated. With his skills “Quick Draw,” “Sidewinder,” and “Bulletstorm,” he offers fast movement, rapid weapon changes, and auto-target detection. He’s your guy when it comes to hard-hitting firefights.



The Challenger destroys all close-to-mid-range enemies dealing brutal damage. His perks revolve around heavy armor, damage, and reducing the enemies’ damage. The prime, “Die Hard” sets the Challenger in a rage mode after being hit hard, granting him more fatal power during a certain period of time. His skills “Warstock,” “Juggernaut,” and “Rampage” make him a fast killing machine that can take a lot of punishment and deal a lot of damage.

The sequel’s gameplay is very different from the first game. Here we see the challenger shooting in the third person.
The Challenger in Remnant II (Source: Gunfire Games/Gearbox Publishing)



The freshly revealed Hunter specializes in long-range enemies. Her perks revolve around deadly shots and accuracy. The Hunter’s Prime “Dead to Rights” increases the damage, and its duration extends even beyond its initial values if the hunter scores hits on weak spots. They can see enemies through walls with the unique “Marked” ability. The skills “Hunter’s Mark,” “Hunter’s Focus,” and “Hunter’s Shroud” reveal enemies for the entire team, increase Hunter’s accuracy and damage, and provide invisibility.



The Medic will keep your combat intact, always ready to heal the team most efficiently. The cornerstone of his healing abilities is the prime perk, “Regenerator.” Once the Medic successfully restores enough health to themselves or their allies, including companions, they regain a Relic charge. Moreover, both Relic and skill healing are part of the regenerative process. His skills, “Wellspring,” “Healing Shield,” and “Redemption,” grant him reliable healing, protection, and revival abilities.

The Medic is seen with his iconic brown steampunk mask from the bottom view, holding a metallic machine gun.
The Medic as one Archetype in Remnant II (Source: Gunfire Games/Gearbox Publishing)



The Handler and her local canine companion team up to fight the wild foes. This duo is another good team player. The dog automatically heals you over time. With its prime “Bonded,” the companion can automatically revive the Handler, and combined with her own relic, it can even bring back to life teammates. The class doesn’t have traditional archetype skills but instead uses commands to instruct her companion on the battlefield, providing more damage and protection for your squad.



In case you are considering buying Remnant II – the game will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and the release date is already in 4 days, on July 25, 2023. You can pre-order it for PC via Steam or get it for a discount via Kinguin (affiliate link).


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What do you think about all the changes on the Archetype system? Which Remnant 2 class will you go with first? Let us know in the comments below.

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