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Souls Like Games: Top Five Games Like Dark Souls

Do you want nasty fights and an extremely high difficulty level? You have finished a Dark Souls game and search for your next challenge now? Then you've come to the right place.

In just a few years, FromSoftware managed to create a new genre with games like Dark Souls. The so-called Souls Likes are extremely popular among players. To satisfy your thirst for more Souls-like games, we have compiled a top-five list of the best Souls games for you.

We’ve all been there: You’ve played through Dark Souls, and now you’re faced with the problem of wanting more. Fortunately, there are a number of games like Dark Souls that carry the success formula and offer a similar gaming experience. Good luck.


5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

If you’re interested in a novel take on a Souls-like game, then give Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice a try. This title is the spiritual successor to Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls, and Bloodborne, and the combat is extremely tough as usual. However, Sekiro is also exciting in another way because it breaks with FromSoftware’s own traditions: Put aside the axe and grab the samurai sword in feudal 16th century Japan as a shinobi to face the war that has broken out across the country. The story framework is particularly clear, unlike its predecessors. Nevertheless, the game doesn’t lose its Souls-like charm: Conversations and characters remain rather cryptic as usual, and connections are unclear, which awakens the natural curiosity. The world is also very rich and invites us to explore.

Here we can see a screenshot from the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In the picture we can see the main character that is currently in a fight with several opponents.
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Source: FromSoftware)

This game is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and can be purchased on Steam via this link.


4. The Witcher 3

Not the most common comparison, but The Witcher 3 should also be in our list of games like Dark Souls. If you haven’t already, don’t miss out on this one because the title is great and has some similarities to Dark Souls, especially in combat scenarios with higher difficulty levels. To survive, you’ll have to rely on constant parrying and dodging. The Witcher 3 uses the success formula of Dark Souls but still comes with very special gameplay, integrating for example a detailed potions system to affect the enemies in the fights and letting the player explore a huge world with beautiful landscapes, detailed quests, and compelling stories on foot or at a gallop.

Are you looking for the best Souls game? Then The Witcher 3 might be just the thing for you. Here we see a screenshot of the game with the protagonist on his horse, riding through the landscape. In the foreground we see a mythical creature.
The Witcher 3 (Source: CD Project RED)

This popular game is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC and can be purchased on Steam via this link.


3. Demon’s Souls

The real origin of Souls like games is actually not in Dark Souls but Demon’s Souls. Why? Demon’s Souls was also developed by FromSoftware and is considered the spiritual forerunner of Dark Souls. Thus, the popular Souls formula goes back to this game. The title received a remake in 2020 with gameplay improvements and modern graphics. So if you’re looking for games like Dark Souls, we recommend playing the grandfather of Dark Souls, which plays like the successor, especially in its level structure and gameplay.

A screenshot of Demon's Souls can be seen. In the screenshot, a boss fight is taking place. If you are looking for games like Dark Souls, you should definitely play this title.
Demon’s Souls (Source: FromSoftware)

The game is available on PS5 and can be purchased via this link. The original game is available for PS3 and can be played via PlayStation Now in supported regions.


2. Bloodborne

This game is considered the highlight of FromSoftware among fans, and there’s a good reason for that. The gameplay mechanics of the Souls series was taken onto another level by Bloodborne, which, due to the omission of shields and the rather moderate pace, provides the player with extremely intense and dynamic combat in the midst of a gothic world. This title, with its very dark setting, returns to the old form of Dark Souls and can be considered by many to be one of the best Souls games. A dark adventure with fantastic settings, surprising twists, and challenging battles that can excite and frustrate in equal measure.

Here we see a screenshot from the game Bloodborne, which shows a boss fight. This game is extremely popular among Souls like games.
Bloodborne (Source: FromSoftware)

The title can be played on PS4 and PS5 and can be purchased via this link. For a while, there were rumors that it is going to be released for PC as well at some point. Let’s cross our fingers.


1. Elden Ring

If you are looking for Souls-like games, you should definitely check out Elden Ring. After all, this open-world role-playing game comes from the same developer and offers you a sequel that has taken the Souls formula to perfection and was just released in 2022. Enter an open, very beautiful world that has many brutal battles, tough bosses, and dungeons in store for you, embedded in expressive storytelling that clearly bears FromSoftware’s signature. Elden Ring combines the advantages of a free open world with the narrow corridors of Dark Souls and thus creates fresh gameplay that builds on the successes of its predecessors.

We see a screenshot from Elden Ring as an example of Souls like Games.
Elden Ring (Source: FromSoftware)

The game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC and can be purchased on Steam via this link.


What Souls-like games do you want to explore next?

We hope to help a bit in your search for your next Soulslike with this article. If you are looking for other genres as well, feel free to check our lists for the best free RPG games, the best free FPS games, Co-op games like It Takes Two, the best Survival Games on PS4 / PS5 or the best RTS games.

What does a good Souls like need to excite you? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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