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Why Rust’s Gameplay Is Keeping You Hooked: Insights & Analysis

The survival FPS from 2018 still manages to dominate the minds of gamers. Facepunch Studios knows how to keep its community hooked. Why exactly do gamers keep coming back?

Fear the Hunter in Remnant 2: The New Gameplay & Archetypes

It's gonna be exciting when it comes to character builds in Gunfire Game's new action-survival shooter. Find out what's possible in the sequel and which classes will be available.

Survival Games to Fall in Love With on PC in 2023 & 2024 (UE5)

Survival in 2023 and 2024 will be even harder, more addictive, more beautiful thanks to UE5! A series of breathtaking next-gen titles is waiting to get discovered.

Remnant 2 Promises to Be the Dream of Every RPG Fan

The revelations around the new third-person survival shooter from Gunfire Games continue. This time, the developers introduce the new Handler archetype. Find out what makes the successor so special.

Ark 2 Will Be Jaw-Dropping, but the Release Date Changed (Again)

The eagerly awaited successor to the dinosaur survival game will be delayed even longer. But according to Studio Wildcard, the postponed release should significantly affect the quality of the new title.

Rooted Features Stunning Survival & the Release Date Narrows

The next big survival adventure comes from Headlight Studio and treats gamers with incredibly realistic graphics. With a bit of luck, you'll be able to get your hands on the highly coveted Steam title sooner.

Submarine Simulation Barotrauma Sets Course for 1.0 This Spring

The popular submarine simulation from Daedalic Entertainment is approaching its 1.0 release date. Over the years, the game has gathered an enormous player base through its many cool features.

Wizard with a Gun: All Details About Gameplay and Release Date

A new survival co-op sandbox shooter strongly resembles a very popular scary 2D survival adventure. However, there is more to the title than you might have initially thought.

Voidtrain: Don’t Get Lost, Next Stop of the Unique Game Is Steam

Play a survival open-world crafting game of the original kind, in which you'll explore a dream-like world by train. The promising game is nearing release on Steam and is already playable on Epic.

Dead Island 2: New Trailer, Release Date & Gameplay (Update #2)

In spring 2023, we can look forward to one of the bloodiest zombie shooters. The splatter adventure developed by Deep Silver has now revealed another character. We introduce you to the game and its gameplay.

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