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Upcoming Halo Infinite Update Could Help the Game Shine Again

All fans of the Master Chief and the Spartans have reason to rejoice, as there are supposed to be exciting changes.

Developer studio 343 has unveiled plans for the Halo Infinite update coming on November 8, and the new features could help the game have a second spring.

The free update, according to the developers, will finally add the long-awaited network co-op mode, as well as integrate the Forge Beta into the game. A kind of editor mode in which you can design the maps yourself. Impressive creations have already been shared, such as a remake of a well-known area in Ocarina of Time.


With up to three other players, it will henceforth be possible to play through the campaign in online co-op, and there will also finally be a way to replay missions, which players have understandably missed so far. However, those who still hope for a local co-op mode in split-screen will, unfortunately, be left high and dry: These plans have been canceled so far.

Those who want to let their creativity run free will have a lot of fun with the Forge mode that’s going to be added with the Halo Infinite Update: Thousands of new objects and a variety of additional possibilities are waiting to be placed and used by you as part of creating your own worlds.

We see a buggy patrol at dusk, in front of a futuristic High Bridge. In the background of this screenshot from Halo are some mountains and the sky is bathed in beautiful purple and light orange with a few scattered clouds.
Co-op patrol at dusk (Source: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios)

The multiplayer mode should also get some new features. Among them are two completely new maps for the community, named Argyle and Detachment, each created with the Forge Editor. Furthermore, a new mode will be introduced, whose name is Covert One Flag. In this particular CTF game mode, the teams play in asymmetrical roles, and the attackers try to grab the flag located in the defender’s base to bring it to their own areas. The defending team, of course, must try to prevent this. What adds spice to this is that the attackers have unlimited use of their active camouflage, while the defenders have unlimited use of the threat sensor. A kind of “cat-and-mouse” game that has probably been inspired by quite a few stealth classics.


New features for casual and frequent players alike

What will please many casual gamers is that from now on, experience points can also be collected by just playing, not just by mastering challenges, in order to advance in rank (Match XP). A new 30-level Battle Pass is also to be introduced, and some new in-game events are to provide variety. 343 also revealed that 24 additional achievements will be waiting for you to unlock.

A screenshot of the game from the first-person perspective, showing a futuristic weapon and the player interface in the foreground. We are standing under a rock, and in the distance we can see a large tower made of modern materials. In front of it is a buggy. A great screenshot and another reason to look forward to the upcoming Halo Infinite update.
Ready to explore (Source: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios)

But this is not the end of the story: The current Season has been extended until 2023, but Season 3 is scheduled to launch on March 7, which will add more new maps and an in-game reporting functionality to the Arena and Team Battle modes. So it remains exciting for fans of the series, also due to the fact that Halo Season 2 for Paramount+ is in production.

What do you think of the game and what do you think of the planned innovations? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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