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Undecember Gameplay: Not the Diablo Clone Everyone Was After

After a fairly successful start in the Eastern world, Undecember suffered a rough start in the West.

Korean hack & slash crossplay action RPG Undecember, once considered a promising Diablo clone, went live on Steam yesterday amid great expectation from players, but its rating was unfortunately a disaster.

Undecember, a Korean hack’n’slash action RPG developed by Need Games, was officially released on Steam on October 12, 2022. A free-to-play title that, unfortunately, has only received 35% positive reviews at the time of writing.


Overrated expectations – a worthy Diablo clone?

In Korea, Undecember has been available since the beginning of the year, and in Europe, it was released just yesterday, on October 12. In the past few days of October, Undecember has been one of the most attractive demos during Steam game previews, alongside Manor Lords. In fact, players testing Undecember’s demo at the same time once reached a high of 16.500 on Steam.

We see from an isometric perspective the player in a gameplay scene from Undecember, another Diablo clone, as he fights off many enemies with a spell.
Forest Fight (Source: Needs Games/LINE Corporation)


In Undecember’s gameplay, players can combine their abilities and runes without limits, allowing them to try out new tactics and strategies in the battles against the hordes of enemies with various options. Besides, there are no predefined classes.

Very hopefully, Undecember was expected to be a worthy Diablo clone, and its free-to-play status naturally reinforced that. A similar title would be Path of Exile, which very successfully will soon be ten years old. Obviously, hack & slash RPG players had their hopes set on welcoming a breath of fresh air back into their world. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a lull, which is confirmed by the ratings on Steam at this point. On the day of its release, the crossplay game Undecember gathered a maximum of over 40.000 players online simultaneously, all eager to satisfy their curiosity and anticipation. Unfortunately, probably without success for the time being.

Apparently just before a boss fight, we see two players in an Undecember gameplay screenshot in front of a large monster in a green, poisonous environment.
Boss Cutscene (Source: Needs Games/LINE Corporation)


Disastrous reviews for Undecember – Freemium strikes again

Quite in contrast to the nice numbers on release day in the eastern world are the western reviews. So far there are almost 2600 reviews, of which only 35% are positive. In contrast, Path of Exile has 87% positive reviews on Steam.

From the tenor of the comments in the reviews, you can see the reason quite well. Although Undecember is free, this is only the case at first glance. During the actual game, users have to pay for almost everything, and the prices in the store are ridiculously high.


One commenter angrily wrote, “The cash shop prices are outrageous. You can barely afford 3 convenience stash tabs for $45 US!” Another player wrote in a sarcastic tone, “Hyped -> installed -> looked @ shop -> used calc -> laughed -> uninstalled -> surprised the uninstall was free.” Many Chinese players described this game as having a very high level of pay-to-play. At the same time, some expressed shock at the number of bad reviews before entry but were still willing to experience the game based on existing expectations.

Have you played the game Undecember yet? What is your opinion about it? Feel free to leave a comment.


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