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Halo Season 2: Sequel to the TV Series Went Into Production

Dress warmly: Because it's going to get frosty in there. At least for the Spartans on the set for the production of Halo Season 2 on Paramount+.

It has just been officially revealed via Twitter that Halo Season 2 for Paramount+ went into production. The sequel to the popular TV series is likely to air as early as next year.

The science fiction military TV show “Halo” (IMDb-Link), which is based on the same video game franchise and premiered March 24, 2022, on Paramount+, had already made a good start with the first season. Now it has been officially announced that Halo Season 2 for Paramount+ went into production. They released the news via Twitter with a shot that fills in both cast and location for the second season and very much lives up to the title of Paramount’s post: The Spartans have landed – this time on Iceland.

In the picture, we see in front of a raging river actor Pablo Schreiber, who will play the Master Chief together with his fellow actors. The cast is smiling – the landing seems to be successful.

Halo season 2 on Paramount+ went into production and again we can expect exciting fight scenes, as this picture illustrates: A group of four heavily armed Spartans walk through a futuristic arena-like area in daylight. They can be seen from the front in half-total and have dark armor including a helmet. Around them, wounded or dead people are lying on the brown, dusty ground. In the background, we see a kind of high wall and various machines in front of it.
Spartan Squad (Source: Paramount, Microsoft)

The gaming community is receiving the news with great enthusiasm, as the video game series is still very popular. Paramount did choose a perfect time for a sequel and managed to attract a broad target audience again.

Those who don’t know the TV series yet can get an impression by watching the official trailer of season one:


The science fiction military TV show is about an epic space conflict in the 26th century between the human race, the United Nations Space Command (UNSC), and the so-called alien theocratic empire Covenant. The two races are in a bitter war and there is a merciless trial of strength. On the front line, the Spartans are fighting for the UNSC. Really another great adoption of a video game, developed by Steven Kane and Kyle Killen.

And once again the Spartans are fighting on the front lines as Halo season 2 on Paramount+ went into production. In this image, you can see the leader of the Spartans from the front in a close-up in battle dress and closed helmet, as he looks into the distance in front of him. In the background, a brown building facade can be recognized in a slight blur.
Spartan in close-up (Source: Paramount, Microsoft)

Now we are looking forward to the ongoing production of Season 2, which hopefully brings us more news very soon. Perhaps there will be concrete Behind Scenes Shots, so we can take part a little more in their Iceland adventure.

Are you also a fan of the series and keen on a new season? Let us know in the comments below.

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