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Remaster of GoldenEye 007 for Xbox & Switch Releases Tomorrow

GoldenEye 007 will be released as a Remaster for Xbox and Switch, officially announced by Microsoft and Nintendo. Find out why this is such a big deal.

Call of Duty for Nintendo Switch: Microsoft Makes Promise for CoD

In order to favor the Activision/Blizzard acquisition, the Redmond software giant has decided to bring the very popular shooter simulation franchise to all consoles.

Xbox Cloud Gaming With Fortnite and More Great Games

Play more than 300 game titles anywhere, anytime. And it doesn't even matter if you have the latest hardware because, with Microsoft's service, you can enjoy the many benefits and flexibility of streaming.

Dune Spice Wars Is Landing on Xbox Game Pass “Soon”

Lead your faction to victory in this popular RTS game from Shiro Games. But beware - it's going to get very sandy! The popular title is soon going to be available on Microsoft's subscription service.

Game Pass for November 2022: Plenty of New Games to Play

Members can look forward to a variety of exciting titles and other free goodies again this month. From retro to sports, over simulations and adventures to hack'n'slay, there is once again a lot to do.

Age of Empires on Xbox: Microsoft Brings AoE 2 & 4 to Console

Next year, Microsoft will finally bring its RTS legends to its in-house console, and a popular strategy spin-off will also get a facelift. Finally, we can enjoy the historical classics from the couch.

Microsoft Wants to Have a Genshin Impact on Their Xbox Platform

Microsoft and Sony want to build on the huge financial success of Chinese game developer miHoYo. China is increasingly meeting Western game development on an equal level.

Xbox Game Pass October 2022: Latest Update Rollout That You Shouldn’t Miss

Xbox has many cool new titles for you in October again. There is something for all tastes and a couple of updates and we are already looking forward to the coming weeks.

World Update 11: Detailed Canada in Microsoft Flight Simulator 

After Italy and the USA, Canada now follows. The popular flight simulation from Microsoft gets its 11th update. This time the second largest country in the world gets a fresh look.

AoE II Definitive Edition, III & IV Get Free Anniversary Update: Age of Empires’ 25th Birthday

The king of RTS games is turning 25, and Microsoft wants to celebrate with huge updates and free new content for all parts of the popular game series. Read more about what's included in the article.

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