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New N64 Games on Switch Will Be a Blast With Mario Party 1 & 2

Julius Caesar once said: "Alea iacta sunt" - the dice have been rolled. Thanks to Nintendo, they will now roll many more times again.

The big party is coming in November, and thanks to Nintendo the popular Mario Party and Mario Party 2 will be released as N64 games on Switch. The new N64 titles can be played together with many other already-released classics via a Nintendo Switch Online Membership + Expansion Pack.


Today, Nintendo announced the new two N64 games on Switch via Twitter, which should be a real reason for joy both for nostalgics and newcomers. After all, the games were the party crasher par excellence on the Nintendo 64 back then and provided many friends and families with a colorful, humorous time together. As early as November 2, subscribers will be able to roll the dice again.

You can see in this picture a game board from the title Mario Party, which is sure to be one of the most popular N64 games on Switch.
Source: Nintendo


Mario Party, which was developed by Hudson Soft and has been released in 1999, presented the Super Mario Bros. universe in 3D for the first time in a “tabletop format”. Here players roll the dice to advance, just like in a board game. The goal is to get as many stars as possible, which can be exchanged for coins on a specific playing field. To get there, you have to overcome numerous obstacles and also hope luck is on your side because the desired star field can also change its location now and then. But that’s not all! Last but not least, what makes this board game so special are the many fun, randomly selected mini-games that are played repeatedly as players advance on the board, and in which the participants must compete in various alternating team constellations to either receive or lose coins – depending on losing or winning.

We see a screenshot that shows a mini-game in Mario Party.
Source: Nintendo


The game boards include both blue and red squares. Players who get on blue squares in a round always compete against players on red squares. If all players are on blue, there is a classic deathmatch (all-against-all). Particularly amusing are the one-against-three mini-games, which either favor or significantly disadvantage a player so that he can steal a lot of coins from his fellow players or get a lot of currency deducted from them. The game remains exciting until the very end, not least because its course is constantly changing.


Be careful with your controllers when playing Mario Party and Mario Party 2 on Switch

So we’ll soon be able to roll the dice again. From our own experience, we would like to advise you to be careful – for the sake of your Joycons and Pro Controllers: Some mini-games, such as “Tug o’ War”, required the fastest possible circling of one stick (at least on the Nintendo 64), which led to heavy wear on many controllers of the N64 and severely limited the motion control in the long run, if not made it almost impossible. Perhaps Nintendo has come up with a gentler solution for the Switch version. But be warned in any case!

A year ago, Mario Party Superstars already caused a lot of joy. Now the party continues, and that’s just one bit of happy news for Nintendo fans. Just recently, we reported on the brand new teaser for an upcoming Super Mario Movie. Nintendo is full of surprises.

What are your favorite Mario Party titles and memories? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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