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Super Mario Movie: All Trailers for the Mario Film (Update #3)

Super Mario is trying to rescue Peach again. This time in a new feature film and the movie is scheduled for release on April 7, 2023.

Update from December 9, 2022:

Another Trailer for the Mario film has been released, giving us more insights into the kingdom of mushrooms. There on the road with Toad, Mario staggers in amazement through the fantastic capital. The function of the tubes is also further illustrated for the first time and you can hear more voice snippets from Chris Pratt. We can only repeat our opinion from the last update: His Mario interpretation works well for the plumber.


Update from December 2, 2022:

When the first trailer was revealed, everything was just right: Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment’s “Super Mario Bros. Movie” exceeded the expectations of millions of fans in terms of animation quality.

Still, the community was disappointed. Marvel star Chris Pratt’s first words as the Italian-born plumber from Brooklyn didn’t sound convincing. To many, he just sounded like himself – after committing to something more special. He said he was working “very hard” on it.

During the last Nintendo Direct presentation, a brand new trailer has rolled out that offers a deeper look at the upcoming animated movie. This time, we also hear Mario’s typical expressions and calls like “Let’s-a-go!”, and “Whoohoo!”. Comments for the video were disabled on YouTube, probably as a precaution.


At first, we in the editorial team were also skeptical about the linguistic snippets that could be heard. But with the new trailer, we find that Chris Pratt’s Mario impersonation doesn’t sound so bad anymore. Listening to him speak for more extended moments, he manages to give Mario his own unique touch. Of course, he won’t be able to get close to Mario’s original voice, Charles Martinette, anytime soon. But he doesn’t have to, in our opinion. It’s his take on the plumber, and I think we’ll just be fine.


Update from October 7, 2022:

Yesterday was finally the day. Universal Pictures and Illumination Animation revealed the teaser trailer for the upcoming Mario movie, Super Mario Bros., which will hit cinemas around the world in April 2023. With his voice, Chris Pratt brings the mustached Italian plumber back to life. More than a year after it was announced that he would star in the role.


Jack Black voices Bowser, who leads an army of Koopas to invade the Snow Kingdom. The next scene features an homage that shows Mario landing in style from the green pipe. Seemingly for the first time in the lush, sun-drenched Mushroom Kingdom, which even the oldest fans will remember from Level 1 of the original 1985 game. This is where Nintendo’s iconic character meets Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) for the first time.

Even though Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) is not seen in the trailer, there seems to have been a leak of her appearance through social media. There, merchandising calendars being planned by fast food giant McDonald’s could be seen, which also show her. Even though the original images have already disappeared, you can still catch a glimpse of them on the following Twitter profile, which seems to be valid:

https://twitter.com/elliotduby/status/1578039010039156738?s=20&t=E7YhnhQIWMUTvuMTWnbNVg (Tweet has been taken down in the meantime)


Since the Super Mario Movie is an animated film, the trailer is more of a first listen and visually reveals enough to get us pumped for more. A cautious approach, at least as far as the big-name actors playing/voicing some of the world’s most famous video game characters are concerned. Exciting times for fans of games, as recent news about the Season 3 of The Witcher, a TV Show about The Last of Us on HBO, and Halo Season 2 have also warmed people’s hearts.

In the center of the image, we see the face of the well-known plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom in a slight crop against a white background with his mustache and red cap. His face is frontal to us and he is looking at us. At the top left, the words "Super Mario" can be read in a Mario-typical, colorful font and capital letters. In the white background, the motives of various enemies or items are shown in light gray as a recurring pattern at equal intervals. The famous plumber will be featured in the new Super Mario Movie in spring 2023.
Super Mario (Source: Nintendo)


Original article from September 23, 2022:

It’s-a-me, Mario! Fans can be excited because already in October 2022, the brand new Trailer for the new Super Mario Movie will be released. The Film will hit Cinemas in early 2023.

According to the official tweet of the convention organizer, the premiere of the teaser Trailer will take place on October 6th at 4 p.m. at the New York Comic Con local time. The film, which is a cooperation between Nintendo and Illumination, will hit cinemas already on April 7th next year.


At the New York Comic Con this year, the trailer for the new Super Mario Movie will be shown. Here we see the logo of the convention against a white background. The word "New York" can be seen in blue capital letters slightly diagonally to the left of the image and below it, just as slightly diagonally and even larger in red capital letters, the word "Comic-Con" is shown. Both words have a black outline. In the upper right corner, the release date can be read in black capital letters "October 6-9, 2022". In the lower right corner is the word "by Reedpop" also in black capital letters.
New York Comic Con 2022 (Source: New York Comic Con)


Coinciding with the premiere at Comic Con, the Trailer will also be broadcast over the Internet, giving fans who aren’t there a chance to enjoy the spectacle.


What’s already known about the Super Mario Film

Although the Trailer is within reach, the makers of the movie have been scarce with information so far. However, we already know quite a bit about the star cast, which was revealed by Mario Bros. creator Shigeru Miyamoto back in September last year: Comedian Jack Black (School of Rock) is to slip into the role of Bowser, and actor Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) is to embody the plumber Mario. It is also known that Toad will be played by Keegan-Michael Kay (Get Out) and Donkey Kong by Seth Rogen (Ananas Express). The characteristic of Nintendo’s famous plumber is, of course, his typical Italian accent. Chris Meledandri, co-founder and CEO of Illumination, announced that actor Chris Pratt would not be up for this, which would be a bummer. Let’s see how and if the authentic accent might still be taken into account in the movie.

Against a white background are the famous characters from Super Mario in total view. From left to right, we see a brown Gumba, Wario, above a flying yellow turtle with white wings and a red shell, the monkey Donkey-Kong, Daisy in a yellow dress, the toadstool Toad, Peach in a pink dress, Mario in red-blue in the middle whole front, his brother Luigi in dark blue-green, the villain Bowser with his spiked shell, the cute Yoshi in green, Rosalina in a turquoise dress, Wario's brother Waluigi with his thin arms and legs, above the floating ghost Boo with his tongue hanging out and far right the friendly yellow-green turtle Cooper.
Super Mario characters (Source: Nintendo)


By October 6th at the latest, many of the fan’s questions will have been answered. So we can be curious and look forward to the appearance of Super Mario Bros. on the big screen.

Are you also a fan of the Super Mario universe? What do you think of the upcoming live-action Super Mario Movie? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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