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New Mario Game: “Super Mario Bros. 5” Completely Built with Mario Maker 2 by Fan (Unofficial)

"[...] a classic Mario game that plays as if Nintendo created it themselves." - Metroid Mike 64

It’s a tribute to Nintendo: A fan has created a completely new Mario game with Super Mario Maker 2 and it’s now released.

7 years of hard work are finally paying off. On Twitter, Metroid Mike 64 announced the release of his gigantic Super Mario project: A complete new Mario game created with Super Mario Maker 2. A result that is already described as a “classic Mario experience”.

Since 2015, Metroid Mike 64 has been working on the project, which started with the first part of Super Mario Maker on Wii U. The now-finished game is unofficially titled “Super Mario Bro 5”, and Mike’s goal was to create a Mario game that felt like it came straight from Nintendo.

Meanwhile, with the game Super Mario Maker 2, you can build a completely new Mario Game. In this picture, we can see the start screen of the game Super Mario Maker 2.
Super Mario Maker 2 (Source: Nintendo)


When Super Mario Maker 2 came out for the Switch, he invested a lot of time importing his creations block-for-block into the new installment. The World Maker update for Super Mario Maker 2 finally made it possible to combine multiple levels into entire games. Even the familiar world maps to get from level to level could now be incorporated and used. For Metroid Mike 64, this was the breakthrough and his “dream became a reality”.


What the New Mario Game looks like

With the help of Nintendo’s World Maker update, Metroid Mike 64 managed to create 40 Parcours in 8 worlds. These even have different styles. So 24 of the levels can be played in Super Mario World style, 14 in Super Mario Bros 3 style, and 2 levels in Super Mario Bros fashion. The lovingly designed Mario game also includes puzzle courses as well as branching world maps and 7 Koopalings as end bosses.

A picture can be seen with Mario on Yoshi on the left. To the right, we see the title of the game in colorful lettering "Super Mario World". The New Mario Game is also playable in SNES style.
Mario and Yoshi (Source: Nintendo)


At the same time, the creator emphasized that he absolutely doesn’t intend to troll with this game, but it is his goal to release a classic Mario game, which should reflect the NES/SNES 2D Mario vibe and that the game is also targeted at fans of this era.


The game is celebrated among the fans

The new unofficial title is already being hyped by the community as “Classic Mario” and has received incredibly good feedback. With more than 25.000 likes and nearly 4.000 retweets, the announcement of Metroid Mike 64 received enormous attention. The community is really amazed over the complete Mario title created in Super Mario Maker 2.


We just reported about the teaser for the Super Mario Movie coming in October 2022 and just shortly after the next exciting news about the IP is here. We’re looking forward to play “Super Mario Bros. 5”.

Do you own Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch? Then swing behind the console and enter the following ID to play Super Mario Bros. 5: 0G9-XN4-FNF. We’re looking forward to read your thoughts about the creation in the comments below.

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