PewDiePie a.k.a Felix Kjellberg Reaches Big Milestone On His Channel.

Earning money with video gaming. This is a dream a lot of people had already. But no one is living the dream like Felix Kjellberg a.k.a PewDiePieToday he made history and his YouTube Channel has set another record in YouTube’s history. With now 10 billion being the most viewed channel of all time, it is way ahead of the 2nd (HolaSoyGerman – two billion) and 3rd (YouTube Spotlight – 600 million) places.


The swede recently revealed his revenues of 2014. According to The Guardian, he made around 7.4 million US Dollars throughout the year. Impressive numbers taking into consideration, that he is focusing on Let’s Plays.

It is going to be interesting how his statistics will evolve in 2015. All signs stand for growth and thus we can probably look forward for another proof of the gaming industry being the most valuable media sector.

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  • Jack Stunner

    Is the other guy going to do more anime articles soon?

    • Tim

      Hello, Jack. For now it doesn’t seem like it. But nevertheless you will be able to see more news and posts here from now on.

    • Sam

      Hey, I first need to watch more anime, outside of the 10-15 anime shows I’ve watched already there’s not much i can really talk about them, so I need to watch more to do any more comparisons/reviews/top lists etc.
      You can always recommend me stuff based off my previous articles.

      See you when you’re older.