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Prep for the Release Date of Pikmin 4: Gameplay Details & Demo

Numerous colorful little servants do the hard work for you... But they like to do it - the perfect symbiosis you could say.

Despite not achieving the same level of fame as The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario, many gamers still highly appreciate the Pikmin series. The franchise offers a delightful mix of humor, clever-, and uniqueness. The new Pikmin 4 will not be an exception.


The fourth installment takes the series to a whole new level by bringing new game modes, features, and challenging bosses. Let’s take a closer look at the colorful alien world of Pikmin 4.


Our captain crashlanded again

Captain Olimar, whom we know from the first two installments, experiences a fateful crash landing on a mysterious planet, leaving him stranded and needing rescue.

The Rescue Corps is deployed to aid Captain Olimar as fate would have it. Unfortunately, they, too, encounter a crash landing on the same enigmatic planet. Now, it falls upon you, the newest recruit of the Rescue Corps, to embark on a heroic mission to save both Captain Olimar and the stranded rescue unit members, ensuring their safe return home.

In the middle is our little astronaut in a red suit in a green landscape, with whom we enjoy the gameplay in Pikmin 4.
Create your individual character in Pikmin 4 (Source: Nintendo)


Pikmin 4 comes with exciting new gameplay features

The new Pikmin is just as colorful and cute, and the story follows a similar structure to its predecessors. However, the new title also features a lot of cool new stuff that breathes fresh air into the franchise.


New camera perspective

Let’s start with quite a noticeable change: the camera perspective. Being real-time strategy games, the Pikmin titles always featured an isometric top-down view (if we ignore the quite useless zoom function of Pikmin 2). This limitation is now gone as the fourth installment offers even more immersion and an in-the-middle feeling. The game features a third-person view similar to Games like Super Mario Odysee, allowing you to view your character from every perspective and distance.


Create your own character

A new cool feature is character creation. In Pikmin 4, you can customize your playable character to the last detail. Feel free to adjust skin color, face shape, eyes, hair, and more. This way, you can make the adventure your very own.


Curtain up for Oatchi

Pikmin 4 gets even more cuddly by introducing an exciting new gameplay mechanic with the addition of Oatchi, an adorable canine companion who accompanies you on your adventure, providing invaluable assistance in numerous ways.

The Pikmin 4 dog eagerly takes on tasks assigned to your Pikmin Army, whether engaging in battles against enemies, demolishing obstacles, or transporting objects back to your ship. Furthermore, Oatchi serves as a means of transportation, allowing you and your trusty Pikmin to ride on his back, enabling you to navigate various terrains and even swim across bodies of water.

The new Dog Oatchi in Pikmin 4 can be seen swimming across a body of water with our playable character and red Pikmin.
Oatchi is the perfect means of transportation in Pikmin 4 (Source: Nintendo)


It’s getting cold with the new Ice Pikmin

As usual, the new installment will also include new character types that will add variety and challenge to the Pikmin 4 gameplay. You can look forward to the new Ice Pikmin, which lives up to its name, being able to freeze enemies. Be aware, however, that frozen enemies shatter, and you can’t transport these bodies back to your ship.


The base camp got pimped

Upon completing each mission, whether during the day or night, you will return to a significantly expanded base camp in Pikmin 4.

The camp is a physical space where you can freely navigate and discover various activities. Engage in conversations with other characters, train Oatchi to acquire new skills, and visit the lab to construct valuable equipment and items such as Rush Boots that enhance your movement speed, aiding you in your expeditions.


Exploring the Nightlife in Pikmin 4

Traditionally, the Pikmin games strictly adhered to the rule that exploration was forbidden during the night, which was a fundamental aspect of imposing time limits on players.

For the first time in the series, players will have the option to venture into the mysterious nocturnal environments, unlocking a whole new set of mechanics, gameplay dynamics, and, of course, a unique breed of Pikmin to accompany them on their nocturnal escapades.


Glow Pikmin

The Glow Pikmin have ethereal, wisp-like bodies that emit a gentle glow, illuminating the surrounding environments during your nightly expeditions. While their usage is exclusive to nighttime adventures, the Glow Pikmin exhibit distinctive combat mechanics. When you charge them up, they can combine into a glowing ball that can be hurled at enemies, momentarily stunning them and providing a tactical advantage in battle.


Nocturnal adventures

The nighttime excursions in Pikmin 4 are primarily about protecting the so-called Luminols, towering, luminous structures made of dirt.

These Luminols harbor valuable glow sap, an important resource you gather with your Glow Pikmin’s assistance. However, be prepared for more challenging battles during nighttime while defending the Luminols and collecting the precious sap.

In the closeup we see a glowing luminols tower together with a glow pikmin at night.
Luminols and glow Pikmin in Pikmin 4 (Source: Nintendo)


What enemies and bosses will you encounter in Pikmin 4?

Pretty much all the Bulborbs you know from previous parts make a comeback, from Whiptongue Bulborb to Bulbear. You will also meet Bearded Amprat from the third installment.

One creature, which has many people going crazy, is the Giant Yellow Wollywog, which is way bigger than the standard Yellow Wollywog.

Do you remember the annoying boss Man-at-Legs from Pikmin 2? In part IV, you will have fun with him again. Also included in Pikmin 4 will be the giant Bosses Emperor Bulblax, Empress Bulblax, and the Fiery Blowhog, but only as a regular enemy. And your Pikmin will have to fear the infamous bird boss Burrowing Snagre once again.


Pikmin 4 offers a new multiplayer mode

If you want to enjoy the new title with a friend, the new Dandori Battle will cover your needs, providing a stunning addition to the game’s campaign.

Competing against your opponent, you and your Pikmin strive to collect treasure, with points awarded based on the accumulated loot. When the timer expires, the participant with the highest score emerges as the winner. It also features a separate 2v2 multiplayer, allowing you and your friend to team up and enjoy this exhilarating game mode in coop.

A horizontal split screen can be seen as two players eagerly compete in Dandori Battle.
The new Dandori Battle in Pikmin 4 (Source: Nintendo)


Play the Pikmin 4 demo now

Want to try out the many new features before the release date on July 21, 2023? Then grab the free demo in the Nintendo eShop. The cool thing is that Nintendo has promised that the demo progress will be carried over into the full game. You can pre-order Pikmin 4 as a digital or physical edition on the Nintendo Store.


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Which new features are you most looking forward to in Pikmin 4? Which enemies do you respect the most? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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