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18 Things About Atlas Fallen You Need to Know

Deck13 leaves the sci-fi universe with its new game and delivers a massive fantasy adventure that couldn't be sandier. In which aspects does the newcomer differ? Find out.

Prep for the Release Date of Pikmin 4: Gameplay Details & Demo

Captain Olimar needs our help! The fourth installment will once again be a colorful one. However, you can also expect some much darker sections in the game.

Ubisoft Fires up the Blaster With Star Wars Outlaws + Gameplay

Get ready for a whole new Star Wars game experience. Discover the variety and scale of the game and learn all the important details thanks to extensive insights from Ubisoft.

Starfield Takes off With Extensive Jaw-Dropping Gameplay Insights

Bethesda is known for storytelling, skill systems, and great design. As a brand new gameplay showcase proves, the upcoming new sci-fi title benefits from these strengths.

Armored Core 6 – Exciting News About Release Date & Gameplay

Fans of the Mech series eagerly await the release of the sixth installment by FromSoftware. The rumor mill is bubbling because a publication date seemingly has been set.

Atlas Fallen Release Date Shifted: Is the Gameplay Worth It?

Deck13's new ARPG prepares its fan community for the upcoming release and presents exciting in-game scenes that speak for the title's potential. Unfortunately, the date has now been postponed.

Spider Man 2 for PS5 Is Making Headlines Right Now

An unexpected release announcement about the new Marvel title from Insomniac Games and Sony is causing quite a stir right now. But how legit is the leak about the PlayStation 5 game?

Final Fantasy 16: Fight for Vendetta in FFXVI to Restore Peace

Square Enix loves to enchant players with gameplay impressions. Learn everything you need to know about the latest installment of the popular RPG series.

The Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition Will Scare You to the Core

Konami and the Bloober Team are working hard on the renewed Silent Hill title. The polished version shouldn't be far off and provides an even creepier atmosphere.

Best Assassin’s Creed Game: Which AC Is the Ultimate Title?

AC Unity, Valhalla, or rather one of the older installments? Especially newcomers can be overwhelmed by the large selection. These top candidates give you a good orientation.

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