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The Sims 5’s Top Dog Position in Jeopardy?

Maxis is already working on the fifth part of the popular series and wants to surpass the predecessor in many aspects. The team already gave promising insights into the game. Do competing titles pose a threat to the series?

Dead Space Remake Access via EA Play and Close Release Date

The remake of the horror Sci-Fi survival shooter is about to be released, and Steam is making gamers a very exciting offer. You can read all about the renewed game and EA Play access in this article.

Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay Revealed: The New NFS Look

With "graffiti-coming-to-life" effects, racers become street artists and paint their own unique touch on the city's landscape. Let's decorate the streets of Lakeshore.

Your Neighborhood Gets Bigger: The Sims 4 Will Be Free to Play

The neighborhood gets bigger: The Sims 4 Will Be Free to Play on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Mac.

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